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Everything posted by Bartordermen

  1. I think the silence is a sign that people are so into it that they forgot to log off! (probably, who even knows!) As for me, I did enjoy it for a bit, but since the shooters are either hit or miss for me, with no middle ground, I only finished the story and that's enough for me. On the other hand, I truly liked the whole injury thing - it was annoying at times and very impactful at others, but it was a nice addition, more games should have it! Oh, and have you heard about the microtransaction thing?
  2. Hello there, bigyoshi (great username, btw!) And yeah, I was weak and got it, can't say I truly regret it. Especially when you mess around with friends. That's part of the reason why I disappeared for months, so many god games and so little time to socialize!
  3. So, I am thinking of buying Mario Maker 2, but I am still not sure if the game is worth it? I haven't played the previous part, so I have no experience with it. I only know that people are going nuts over this new one and the curiosity got the best of me. I both want to try it, but also don't want to waste money on something that might be just a puffed-up mess. Thoughts? Ideas? Complaints? All are appreciated! Thanks
  4. Yeah, just like that one annoying song, Minecraft was set to have something amazing, but in the end they let that ball go... and it now rolled under the bed and out of sight. I am talking about the cancellation of better graphics (I read about it here) and this is just a terrible way to end the summer. Sure, I am not an avid fan, but I do play once in a while, and to have such a vast improvement canceled just makes me think if they are giving up. With the release of Minecraft for Windows 10 I was almost excited, it looked like good things are on the horizon, but for a long time they kept everything on the level, with nothing major happening which isn't bad, I just wanted something more. And now apparently we are not getting it. I know people still play it (heck, so do I), but do you think any further upgrades and the like will be saved for Minecraft 2? (Let's face it, there's always a sequel)
  5. I've compiled a list of top 5 legendary videogame tracks, do you agree with my evaluation? Check the list out and visit my Bloggity, also, waiting for your feedback here! =D Cheers!
  6. Didn't even know this one is coming out! Had chills running all over my body while watching this, thank you for the info! <3 Looks to be a wonderful act.
  7. at least they have confirmed there will be no microtransactions and loot boxes in this one. First step towards salvation.
  8. one of the most desired pieces in a long while. Awesommme :s
  9. Dunno if this is the right place, but I'm a blogger and I'm following all the newest info about the MK 11 release! Here's my blog post about all the so far featured & revealed characters that are either confirmed or are very likely to make up the roster! Enjoy! <3 MK 11 Characters (Confirmed and still in the unknown)
  10. GTA SA Multiplayer, those were the days <3
  11. awesome freakin review, intense, stylish, well-written, informative, excellent job friend!
  12. As long as tens of people are dying by his hand and gun, I'm satisfied with whatever setting they decide to put him into.
  13. I have a regular PS4 and I've recently bought the VR's for it, dunno what kind of differences would the pro edition provide, but I do enjoy my Regular ps4 VR experience tremendously. Don't think the pro version would make it that much better. But yeah, you should definitely try out the VR gear before buying it, some of my friends can't spend more than an hour on it without getting nausea and dizziness. At this point, the equipment is definitely not for everyone.
  14. I remember buying it and entering my first match, after it, I just logged off never to return again. Such an outcome was only to be expected, they weren't prepared as much as they should've if they wanted to compete with freakin Blizzards Hearthstone.. o.o
  15. WoW is an awesome game, glad there's still a ton of ppl playing!