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  1. Nice, is this update already out ? Haven't played this in quiet some time now but they have had some nice updates in the mean time ^^
  2. This game is just getting ebtter and better
  3. 3 why don't you start with one and see how it goes i liked the first one but don't really see the need for "more" ^^
  4. Never really thought about it but i can understand the annoyance ^^ i myself have put up 2 images in my sig didn't look ath the size though.
  5. The real issue is control of ownership. If you buy something, you can sell it again. If you bought a product, you can use it. When you have footage you made, then you should be able to share it on youtube. They make it look like people are criminals. i mean when you make a movie with friends, load it up on youtube; it's not like the company who made the camera will claim it as theirs since you used their product. I can understand that their will be certain rules in how u use it online, but then again that would mean limitation of freedom of opinion. Then again we are never really free As for the subject on hard work. Any job can be hard work, because each job requires a peticular set of skills. I've had physical job but now work at a desk. For what i can say from experience is that physicall can be really hard on your body (depending the job) as for non physical can be really hard on your mind. Wich can be as fucking painfull as when something is physically wrong with you ^^ In short what is hard an us not depends on a matter of perspective and experiance. (and jealousy can have some influence ^^) I hope i made some sense
  6. Well he's got some mighty pokeBALLS
  7. School has been a few years now ^^ my last years of school were in mechelen. But they changed the name about 2 or 3 times now ^^
  8. I haven't played it, but it's laying under the christmas tree. so i'm looking forward to christmas ^^
  9. Gen 1, charmander, Dragon, Fire, Psychic ^^ No love for bug or black and white (1) starters
  10. I like stats, but i'm not a very high grade gamer when it's for stats play But games are meant to be fun ^^ stats are just an extra ^^ or a way to make it fun hehe
  11. Will probably be in bed sleeping because of the time difference ^^ But the dimension looks interesting.
  12. Bought the game back on ps 1, rebought it to play it on psp and vita. That's more than enough for me. If only the made it HD remake then maybe it was interesting for pc.
  13. I should really play this again. But time flies so fast then loving the updates though ^^
  14. Good luck to all ;p
  15. It's sad to see news like that, may he rest in piece.