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Everything posted by TheShadowReaper

  1. Hi there fellow AJSA members. i'm starting this thread to see if there are any Otakus around here and if you are as passionate as i am about them. any anime suggestions are welcome. if you are on Minitokyo.net as i am, my username there is Ak1r0 if you want to see my watchlist and my ratings on them. since i started the thread i'll suggest some anime to keep the thread going. my suggestions: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika, Sword Art Online, Accel World, D. Gray-Man, Akikan!, Ao no Exorcist, Black Rock Shooter (the TV series as well), Mirai Nikki, Shingeki no Kyojin, Naruto, One Piece, Bleach. (even though the last 3 are widely known who cares)
  2. < needs team and extra time... =.= tough luck.
  3. the F2P restrictions are bad. but what can you do, its a licensed title under EA. at least its F2P. i guess we should be thankful for that. its nice that the AJSA will support this one since many requested it.
  4. are you kidding me? is suggestions all you made? so you disregard the rest part of your comment and keep the part that makes you look ok? quote: "..... Sounds to me like you only watch the most popular shows of today. I'm sorry, but that's no Otaku. Perhaps you're only quoting the ones most people would know but.. ~ shrugs ~ I'll play along ~" so that part that you totally try to discredit my suggestions and act cool is forgotten about? or are you gonna edit it out later? well whatever. have a nice day.
  5. these are the ones that i suggest cause they may appeal to more people cause of their wide variety on art, story and characters. not all of those are the ones i enjoy the most. also you got to take into account the genre of anime someone watches. your comment in invalid and very offensive for no reason. i dont want to start an anime war though, we are all anime fans and enjoy anime in general regardless of genre and art style. its totally different than gaming where you may start a game war but this isnt the case here. i personally watch more recent anime, early 2000s + instead of older ones if thats what you are trying to say. and since anime became very popular around that time i guess i watch more popular shows? wouldnt count on it though. anyways, thanks for commenting and pardon me for my big rant here. ^^
  6. animeultima.tv more than enough. 1080 for drawn art is quite the deceive imo. although i can agree if they say that they have better quality in colors - that i can accept.
  7. complete MMO feel? ok then its decided. its only Log Horizon for me this week.
  8. gonna check Log Horizon then. if it has anything in common with SAO or Accel World i think i'll be happy.
  9. yeah, but its not like its something to be proud of even today (in Japan at least). but since i'm not living in Japan i can confess my love about anime freely. pretty much everyone can.
  10. yep exactly. an Otaku. i'm obsessed with anime and that makes me an Otaku for sure. and yes it doesnt mean "anime fan". its supposed to be a word to describe and ridicule us weirdos who watch anime with passion. personally i have embrased the word and its meaning to define myself. hope you dont mind.
  11. yes they are. nuff said.
  12. its a great franchise. those who say otherwise are either haters or BF fanboys mostly. i've never seen anyone who plays COD or isnt playing COD at all acting like a clown talking about it like its the garbage or garbage. being a popular franchise has indeed pulled in the hipsters of the internet including this year's reviewers. well every year its the same thing. and every year a single phrase is enough to even turn them favorable to the game even for short periods of time. "Its Call of Duty time." nuff said.
  13. cant wait for Titanfall to release so i have something new to ignore except BF4. hehe.
  14. No1 imo is the Ride to Hell: Retribution Review. but i have to say i enjoyed the Xbox rant as much.
  15. PC = better graphics, mods, PC exclusives, Steam sales and more versatility in general. i'm sure the consoles have their pros too, like having a stable FPS forever or being cheaper at starting price but PC is cheaper in the long run and offes you a lot more. and yes dont forget Steam! No1 online gaming platform.
  16. This ^
  17. well its no bad by any means. i would have suggested you if i had the chance to get a GTX670. but oh well. have fun gaming pal.
  18. does anyone ever heard of RayWilliam Jonhson?
  19. you have a demented opinion on what "hard work" is. let me clarify that. hard work is the phrase we use to express something that takes a toll on thyself, will it by physical, psycological or mental work. i really hate guys who have learn to lift a weight or two and call that hard work when they never had the smarts or qualifications to use programs usch as photoshop or sony vegas or not even have knowing how hard is to operate them so they can get into the user's shoes. the mental stress that you undergo through is way bigger than any physical work you'll ever do in your life. i will turn a blind eye if you say you dont understand it since you havent been in touch with these things but when you say "I don't lack sympathy at the problems they have but I do lack empathy. I can't put myself in their place because whenever i've had problems i've dealt with them. I haven't had thousands of people to help me out i've had 1, my wife." or "I see hard work as physical graft that takes a toll on the body. No amount of back and forth here will change that." some others arent even that lucky to have someone to help them with these things. i respect whoever undergoes physical stress, its a drag and really difficult to cope with but when you cant see the equality of physical and mental stress then why even bother commenting here? now i'm sure you'll thinking "but thats my opinion" yes its your opinion. but when your opinion automatically discredits something else how am i supposed not to find that insulting to those who work their asses off for weeks in basements trying to give us entertainment in video from?
  20. Valoran from League of Legends. getting to know Zed from up close and slaying minions with him would be awesome.
  21. FPS of course! i just cant get enough from cracking skulls open.
  22. do you have a link to the banlist? i wanna see the changes first. even thought i havent played YiGiOh for ages. these XYZ cards. i just find it hard to follow with so many changes in so little time. but i have to say 5Ds and Synchros was a nice change of pace when they were released.
  23. yeah i was wondering about that too. i personally dont talk about movies that i watched so i wasnt paying attetion to this but seriously, no one mentions it! and it was a damn good movie. for action fans like me its a CGI marvel. but i guess not everyone thinks like me or is an action movie fan i guess...
  24. my fav is Rayquaza. i just love everything about that guy. from his design to his lore and attitude. he's awesome.
  25. they are easy to make, stop complaining and enjoy. if you are truly sick of them why not try other games that arent FPSs? like League of Legends maybe? i'm just giving a suggestion here. if you dont like FPS games then dont play them, but if you're just tired of them take a break with another game genre and return when a new FPS releases or when you're ready.