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  1. now that it has been almost 6 months. have you retried the game? I hope so. there is so much more now that will be great for a 6 month review updaye. things like the festabule that had a glichy boss that would die and not give any loot, to player being allowed to nuke the even to stop other player from doing it. The fact they added a special mode for pvpers with the advertisement of more reward for more risk. then they tell player how to make it so they loose less items and then lock in the lesser loss when killed. Also the complaints of players camping the limited spawn points for quick kills making them put in ta temp involunablity. Then when these players get the free legendary item they go back to the adventure mode and exploit the game to kill other players that are non pvp. The first "dungen" that is not an instantce. does not need a group tho advertized as one. Also thoe it is an "inside" zone like whitesprings. it is affected by nukes. LAst the compleat ignoring of the pve player base wile giving the pvp people everything they want. I think doiing a 6 months on this would be so funny.