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  1. Hi, great to be here! My name is Rudo. Just started watching youtube extensively 3 months ago and been researching all that recent non sense around your industry, so I got some proposals for your content, which might interest you. I used to work as a business consultant at one big international company and since you are dealing with the corporate, I could be pretty useful. If you would like to understand the decision making process of EA, Gearbox or just to make fun of people's behaviour in an offensive satiric manner, then you should contact me. Trust me, those people are far from being stupid and there are objective reasons why the things are happening the way they are happening and you could be the first platform to educate people about the matter in an accessible way. I am trying to reinvent myself and it would be cool to cooperate with people on something new. You seems like a bunch of nice fellas, who got enough balls to stand up for the people, whom you represent, so I would enjoy helping you. PM me for my contancts.