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    Well Gaming is kinda a major one. Love movie, loads of tv shows, music, books, comics, football (Scotland, Raith Rovers and Manchester City), Yu-Gi-Oh. Big Marvel fan.
    Really standard stuff really.

    I suppose I should put on here that I have a channel on Youtube too. BlueBloodPenn. Nothing major, I just like to do some reviews, MVs and give my opinion on stuff. Its mostly all gaming or film related. Feel free to check me out.
  1. My favourites to play are Dark Seer, Clockwerk, Bounty Hunter and Viper. All really different from each other and like to go between them depending what mood I'm in and the team composition but those 4 are basically my goto heroes.
  2. it really depends on how fast technology moves forward. Consoles right now are struggling to keep up with what PCs can do so if in the future there are big improvements on pc versions, and im not talking about frame rate or anything like that im talking pure gameplay and game mechanics that would not be possible on current systems then console will be forced to change and upgrade heavily. That seems like a long way off though so this gen will last quite a while. Maybe not as long as the 360/PS3 lasted because they have been outdated for years now but it will probably be 5-6 years until Micorsoft and Sony make new consoles barring, like I said, a major reason that forces them to. Nintendo on the other hand will probably be looking at options for the next 3-4 years if not sooner, the WiiU just dosn't cut it and will suffer even more the longer it goes on.
  3. I would not really call these major issues. Yes they are problems but Microsoft have said they are going to fix them There are bigger issues like the actual power of the machine. Will it be able to last for 5+years or will it be left in the dark by PC, the PS4 has the same questions on it. If these really were the two biggest flaws a console had then I'd say it doing pretty well to have things that can be fixed being the only real issues.
  4. First they need to get rid of the changes to the gameplay they made in Judgement. All of them were just wrong and just did not work. They can make changes but add new features, not take them away. The other problem is when it will be set. Judgement was a prequel and although if it was done better I feel I could have worked, I can't see them doing that again. Prequels in general are not really what people want to see. They could bring the Locust back but they need to create a new threat. Even something from space since the Locust came from below something else could come from above. Even move it a few decades on. Introduce new character while Marcus could be a General or something, Hoffman style. It would open up more opportunities with the Locust with some kind of uneasy alliance that last about a day to defeat a larger enemy. I would like to explore the kryll a little bit and see more of them. Gears 1 had a really good thing with the kryll at night being a new threat but 2 and 3 ignored them. Small things like them or something similar changes the gameplay and adds different elements to it. I hope they make something exciting instead of another Judgement.
  5. It is a lot of fun. It is not actually as serious as people make it out to be. The previous games all had the same tone when it comes to story and it still has loads of crazy weapons and outfits. I don't see how it is alot more "serious", seem just a common thing people like to say about it. I like a lot more than the previous games as it removes most of the restrictions I hated. No longer do you feel you have no time to explore, the timer is now barely a factor and for an open world game that is a huge plus. You don't need to carry useless stuff around until you find a workbench in order to make weapons, all done on the fly. I am usually against stream lining games but in this case it has just improved the overall experience and made it much more fun.
  6. Everyone has different choices when it comes it games, some people are really into Killzone so want the PS4 for that. For me I wanted Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3, Titanfall, Quantum Break and Halo 5 all in the next year. The only game on PS4 coming in the same time right now is Infamous, which I have never been that into. The reason you buy a console is down to personal preference. No one else's opinion should matter when it comes to you buying something. You want something, go get it. People can argue all they want, makes no difference. Console Wars are stupid in the first place. Support developers and game franchises is what people should be doing, not massive corporations like Microsoft or Sony. I will probably get a PS4 next Christmas when something other than Infamous is coming out and makes it worthwhile for me.
  7. it really does not matter, its the games that make something worth buying. if you like a certain game that is exclusive to a console then thats the console your going to get. Over the next year the PS4 has nothing exclusive that makes me want to buy the console, the XB1 does, its as simple as that. If your looking for the best thing out there then you should be playing on PC. All the original points are pushed aside if you play on pc. I don't have a gaming pc I would add before anyone goes PC master race on me. As for micro transaction, its game specific. Dead Rising does not have them for example and thats from Capcom so go figure. I couldn't care less about the Ryse stuff, its all for co-op multiplayer and you are just as effective at killing enemies with the basic gear than with anything else, it makes little difference. Forza on the other hand is bullshit. Game has less of everything but lets you buy cars etc for a ridiculous price. If they had waited a few months and released a pack you could buy that had more cars would have been better. Still suck since the game has less cars than before but a little better than what they decided to do.
  8. As I said in my first post I already did that, I have no idea what I didn't make myself now. The 2 most people are saying are the tactical handgun and the mini chainsaw which I have now built myself yet it still hasn't popped. That is my problem. I was wondering if anyone knew any others you can simply pick up and then need to build again.
  9. they are two separate achievements. and I have no idea what ones I am missing since they don't have blueprints on the map and I can't unlock it anywhere.
  10. I have been try to get the achievement on Dead Rising 3 for crafting all the combo weapons. I have unlocked them all in my locker but the has not popped. I know about making the tactical hand gun and mini chain saw but does anyone have any ideas about any other one that I might have picked up and not made? Also I finished the game and went into chapter select, is it possible that that might have wiped my progress and made me have to make them all again? Also I have all the blueprints but only have 9/11 vehicle blueprints, any ideas there either?
  11. I hope they have learned their lesson with the 360 but with most new tech, you never know and most have some kind of problems. The bigger problems may come long term if the specs dont stand up. Hopefully devs will be able to hit 1080p 60fps once they learn how to optomise it properly but if they cant (this goes for the PS4 as well) then next gen will barely be a step forward.
  12. I may use the Kinect for small things like the scanning of codes etc. Other than that I can't see me using it. I don't like using voice commands in games that just don't need and its just thrown in. If they actually make a good game that uses the Kinect in a way interesting and works better than a standard control, then I would use it. Until then it will be disconnected unless I am scanning something.
  13. I am getting it over the PS4 just down to the exclusives that are available now and that has been announced so far into the next year. There is nothing at all on the PS4 or that has been announced (even Infamous does not do it for me) that makes me want to buy the console. Dead Rising 3 and KI are 2 games I really want and I wanna try Ryse and Crimson Dragon too. As well as Titanfall and Halo 5 next year. If the PS4 gets something amazing then I'll probably wait till next year to get one. As for the bad press, most of it has been changed. Sure we are still paying extra for the Kinect which I have no interest in but if I get the games I want then I'll deal with it. The only thing that is on my mind is the whole power issue. Yes it is the launch games so things will improve in the future but if both this and the PS4 can barely comete with PC now, then what is it going to be like in 2-5 years time. Will it take 2 years for games to hit 1080p 60fps? PC's will have gotten even better by then so they will always be playing catch up. I can't get a high end pc for a few reason and I dont have a problem with the games not being as good on console as they are on pc as long as they still perform well. The only thing that will hurt is if they stop releasing games for a console because it can't handle it. Then it is an issue. That will only happen if they see a need to push it that far though. They would not cut out a console just so they can push the graphics as far as possilbe, it just hurts the sales of the game at that point.
  14. It is a good game, no where near one of the best I've played but it had so much content and the combat was really fun. It was a great game that did some really interesting things. I hope we do see a squeal once it gets sold, such a shame if we don't.
  15. Dark Souls is challenging if you don't know what your doing and if your impatient. Once you get to a stage where you understand the game and its mechanics and learn the enemies, it is not that difficult. One of the most difficult games I played this gen was COD:WAW on veteran, which has insanely stupid on that difficulty for a few reason and was brutal throughout. That will be the one that will stand out for me, I'm sure there are loads of games if I look back but that will always stick in my mind.