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  1. I would agree that having this out there from a "credible" source would confuse people that do little to no research (which is most people over 35 and do not Need to do it for work or something) and just happen to watch it and, thus, doing it very wrong and possibly suffering negative events such as fires. Nit-picking Every detail =no matter how ridiculous= I would say is just hate-mongering; But the video being Such low quality would have these negative ramifications if these people decided to try this build, and it failing badly for them, is a problem which is also mostly a Social Consensus issue. This being a big issue with social consensus, it really is a Big problem with corporate Editing. Like Who is responsible for the fact-checks in these companies that this type of content is suitable and acceptable or release, if it has such a clear negative impact on the educated community? Fallout 76 is one example, and the Oscars where they announced the wrong film for the award at the end (La La Land... ugh). Everyone needs to realize that even though 1 stupid person releases something, there are Many people responsible for the "farm-to-table" supply chain of these products and 'services', so regardless of his Individual unprofessionalism there are dozens =if not hundreds= of professionals that agreed to its' release and are the real problem. Someone should consider pushing Legislation to prevent companies from releasing bad information from a "credible" source.
  2. Another billionaire company making themselves look like azhats bullying random people for trying to enjoy their content more and inspire more people to buy and play the game with mods instead of vanilla. nothing new in the rust-age of gaming.
  3. well I mean the quality of the video is extreme low, and could get better advice from youtube comments overall, BUut this is just nitpicking Every Little Detail in the video. It's just a way for viewers to vent on people whom they think are stupid. Just an example a thermal paste applicator, sure being just a luxury item, is useful in that it helps Prevent Malfunctions by making sure the PC doesn't explode or whatever due to overheating, electric overloads, or electrical discharges due to unchecked electric flow. Making a huge deal about it is just silly and immature, and if a guy Uses thermal paste to prevent problems and destruction of property that just is Logical and makes sense. Heat can destroy your computer And light your house on fire, so what is the problem with this tool? Not a problem, just Overblown by youtubers trying to appease masses of people looking for jokes and roasts for entertainment.
  4. And Deliver it does... Many times.
  5. Destiny 2 shirts for sale for the low-low price of $777,777 dollars and .77 cents. Buy Today! they do have 4XL shirts so that's a plus
  6. On the YT Playlists, especially the Movie Reviews playlist, the Spoilers sections ALWAYS play Before the Review sections breaking continuity. It is obviously a Time-Order to these, being the Most-Recent are higher on the list, But this means people listening hear the Spoilers First and the reviews second which is a problem overall, especially for New subscribers. Since these are easily fixed, can you take 15-20 minutes swapping these on your playlists so that it is sequential when viewing these in the order of the videos on YouTube? Also, I have never seen a "play in reverse order" button and it always plays down so this probably wouldn't be a problem, probably.
  7. Yeah is there an Update on when the review is going to be released? I am not sure where any information about this is and I looked on Activity and didn't see anything posted (yet).
  8. If the game idea was Good and Not some mobile-phone trash Nor some super-casual game. If the game was a Great Idea, had High-enough Standards, had a team that was willing to Cooperate with each-other and follow the Most-Knowledgeable of the team's Direction, And it was developed with serious competence. there are Many Old-software systems that are easy, convenient, low-budget, low-maintenance, and High Quality that can make HUGE games in relatively short amounts of time. Unreal Engine (like for Unreal Tournament 1999), GoldSource (Half Life 1), or MT Framework (apparently unnamed engine for Resident Evil 4 and maybe Dead Rising) among many others. Creating an amazing game Experience should be the goal, rather than creating a AAA graphics with flashy colors. Quake 2, Unreal Gold, Diablo 1, Halo CE, Jersey Devil 1997, Spyro the Dragon 1998... Many More examples at how an Amazing game can have Low-Resolution graphics. Look at Minecraft: the Graphics are Horrible, so bad it's a meme; BUut is a Huge world, Seeds to create new maps, Rain and Snow effects, and Just Enough to instill a sense of awe, mystery, and intrigue. People that play Minecraft liked how they weren't forced into a linear adventure while also being challenging and socially rewarding with online "co-op" when creating massive/cool things and sharing them. People want AAA graphics In AAA Companies, but if you want to make an excellent Indie/Studio Starter while Launching careers of people who sign up and stick with it, Then you can make something at least a subgroup will love. Life of Black Tiger is NOT what I am referring to, as long as you were being serious and not trolling. It would also need to be paid in some way with salaries and royalties. Should you put together a team, for example, I am an excellent writer with over 110,000 hours videogame experience and also am an avid fan of movies. I am also an Excellent multi-Player and Knows what makes good balancing online and what people like overall, as well as playing most of the best games ever made. I could do scripts and editing as well as cinematography, direction, screenplays, storyboards, and Management such as overseeing development and planning, keeping people on track and focused. I am Not a Programmer however and would need someone to be in charge as Director of Strategic Development (I would probably be Artistic Director or Chief Artistic Supervisor). Anthem is a perfect example of even Great studios, Bioware, having Incompetent Executive Management. If I get royalties on sales, rights to sell merchandise, and a fair salary to begin, I would be Absolutely Invaluable. But again, it cannot be some quick money-grabbing trash; it would have to be a Great idea and a Great team. I wouldn't work with people that don't really care or are just in for the facebook likes. I Want Great Games, and so should the people making "my" games. Let me suggest 1 other thing: look at "gamunentaries" and documentaries about the First Games of a studio. Almost All of these people will have little to no experience, and thus judging someone for their credentials is Difficult and Vague At Best. Many of these interviewed employees will say "It was a great learning experience, I learned a lot, and it helped launch my career." This is how Many games such as Dead Space 1, Half Life 1, and STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl launched, and these are some of the Greatest Games of All Time, and then went on to create More of the Greatest Games of All Time: Metro series, S:Clear Sky+Pripyat+Call of Chernobyl, Half Life 2 and so on. Play these and see (every one I listed... except LoBT, are Excellent game experiences); So, this means that if you're starting a new company, you should be willing to work with Newbies, and as long as these people work towards a great thing, and have the Talent to support their work, then great things can happen. If you just want Harvard Grads and MIT Technicians, be prepared to dish out 100k salaries day-1 for about 4 years Per Person. You are a Rich Man, in that case.
  9. I was thinking about making some cool/funny prints for t-shirts and other stuff for your Merch store and I am wondering what/how you guys do all that? I mean if you just outright Refuse then there wouldn't be any reason to do these things, But If you would consider doing this Or are Already doing this then what do I need to do to give you guys some great Merch content with some royalties on sales? Really Anyone could do this if it was good enough and to your standards of quality/what you want, but I have some good ideas that if you guys are willing to diversify a bit I could try to get these made and then send them to you with fair compensation plans. Just let me/us know if you would consider diversifying your Merchandise and printing store or if you just don't want to do this. Thanks!
  10. That's Metro 2033 or Last Light. Great Games! I think I took a screenshot here also and this scene was Intense!
  11. Was a funny pic that my internet went out and was buffering and paused on This screenshot, which just happens to be mostly accurate of the AJ Show. Enjoy!
  12. When you work harder than anyone else to get 100% in a game, and Everyone who loved the game or even disliked it thinks, "Wow I bet the reward for getting All 900 would be amazing, but nah that's just too much. I'll look forward to seeing what it is." And Low and Behold: A Massive Piece of F*****' S***. And He's Dead On. I know a developer who needs to make "Life of Hestu" and release it for Nintendo (R) Switch!
  13. Hey, I hope Angry Joe and Other Joe get this but did you see what the Reward is for collecting All 900, Yes All 900, Korok seeds is? Bet you can't guess what it is, but I'll give you a number Two Guesses what it is! https://kotaku.com/someone-has-found-all-900-korok-seeds-in-zelda-1793276463 Nintendo has done it again! Ain't Them a Stink'ah?