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Everything posted by Cpudude30k

  1. Just gettin the account up and running again. I'm not sure which server to make a new character on though.
  2. Awesomenauts I think AJSA should support Awesomenauts in either category because its an easy to learn hard to master 2D MOBA. It isn't as complex as League or DotA, but still has hours and hours of replay value. I have been playing since the game released on PC in 2012, and an Admin for the Awesomenauts Beta group on Steam. Other Players: CS:GO Sergeant - The Curry Monster aka brumak280396 Luaka1296 Expl0sionshurt Jay4gamers1 Pethei88 Juso Magna SB_NextGen PhoneixShi TheDamonMan DeadlyScribe DarkLop Star-Lord Pros: - 3v3 Team 2D MOBA amazingness - Tournaments do happen, supported by kickstarted replay features(Spectator Mode in development) - Updates are still very much planned for the future - Split Screen Supported - 19 total characters as of now, with more in development - The kickstarted expansion opens up some more features, including: Custom Game Editor for other game modes. (like TDM) AI Modding Map Editor (In Development) Cons: - No dedicated Servers, all of it is Peer 2 Peer - It's not a Free to Play MOBA, the base game is 10 dollars, the starstorm expansion with more characters and features is 9 dollars - It can feel a little Imbalanced at times, as balance updates happen about once a month - Available on PS3, X360, PC and PS4 (Only the PC and PS4 versions receive updates) Event Ideas Deathmatch Night, Randomnauts Night, AJSA 'Naut Fest
  3. Hey all just giving you the heads up that Awesomenauts now has its own sub chat over in Community Games on the AJSA Teamspeak. I will be there a lot, so if you ever wanna play games feel free to add me on steam and maybe we make a Steam Group or just keep it in the Teamspeak. Hopefully I'll see you guys there!
  4. There is now an Awesomenauts section under "Community Games" on Teamspeak!
  5. Still waiting on those PM's haha. Anyone feel free to add me I've been playing since launch on PC.
  6. My friend code is Rich 3067-5608-5284 and it gives Eevee, keckleon and aipom
  7. Thanks for the heads up!
  8. I totally agree I'm about to cross 1,000 hours myself.
  9. I just wanted to see how many people are still interested in fully supporting this game for the AJSA. It still has not been updated to a vote from a post back when the whole community launched. It still has not been deleted from that post though, so hopefully we will get a vote eventually. I also wanted to see who would vote for this game, if/when we do get it supported. Thanks everyone.
  10. So one of our other members told me about a game last night on TeamSpeak. I had to make a video.
  11. I"d be so down to play this
  12. Damnit Cartman just cuz you froze your ass and couldn't play the Wii doesn't mean u hate all over the WiiU
  13. If you want to play Awesomenauts, play it on PC, its 10 bucks.
  14. Awesome.
  15. Huh, I could've sworn there was an older topic for the same thing here...either way I fully support Awesomenauts being a fully supported game. Edit: yeah there are 2 topics for this currently
  16. I wouldn't say "dead." There are still plenty of people who play it and there is a new patch releasing next week with a new character and (hopefully) a new local replay system.
  17. Hey everybody, I just want to put out an announcement about Awesomenauts. Its a 2D, 3v3 MOBA with a cool saturday morning cartoon feel. A decent way of explaining it is Smash Bros. meets LoL. I just wanted to know how many people would enjoy playing it for the AJSA. There is an old post in the "Should we play this game" sub-forum, which hasn't really been touched since it was made back when the whole community launched. I also made a new post over in the MOBA gaming sub forum seeing if there were any people left who would come out and support the game if/when it gets voted on. Thanks all!
  18. So, Awesomenauts now has a PS4 version, will this game ever get a vote? I would happily manage all the Awesomenauts events. With the recent release of StarStorm, the game now has custom game settings for things like Team Death Match and RandomNauts, which allows for a random 'Naut and loadout upon death. A new character is launching within the next few weeks along with (hopefully) a replay system to rewatch games you have played. StarStorm is looking to add a full on live spectator mode within the next few months.
  19. Sorry I havent played Pokemon in awhile, its the friend code right?