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  1. I think fixed? maybe that said the ancients being moved back means dire ancients feel abit more safer(cant get pudge hooked from low ground, harder to block/initated while tier 1 bot is up anyway) early to mid game anyways once bot tier 1/2 is down it makes no difference beyond rosh being easier to spot with a single ward spot(also means more deward wars i think)
  2. when i pick one support and then everyone is like we should go 4 carries >_<
  3. would be interesting to see advice on using the cloak cause whenever i seem to be close as an infiltrator(esp when im solo) i feel like i get found very easily one way or another. It probably is partly cause i dont have a good grasp on all the maps and the ways around each of the locations yet but yeah(i assume running makes it easier to spot??). Would be nice to know what else you were running with(nano weave armor?supressor?soft point ammo? that sorta thing). Also would be nice to get an idea of how you process being outnumbered and if/when you are found how you react to it?
  4. on a side note if you want to help your ally who is techies some of these heroes work nicely: Pudge: Hook em into the mines Magnus: Rp into stun mine, into mines, into suicide for alot of dmg dmg dmg Dark seer: same concept as magnus but definitely stun mine after vaccum/mid vaccum Enigma: keeps em there for a big bang finisher Pugna: the decrep can work nicely to increase the magical nuke output of techies As for Why Techies is so different, is cause its a hero that you dont frontal assault or even have to be near to fight the other guys(except suicide). You play around them and with your team to coordinate them going into minefields or setting up minefields. with the duration on all of his stuff being quite long and providing vision you can have pseudo vision through the mines as well. its kind of a neat hero that i can see comboing ok to pretty good with some heroes. It also is a terror type hero in the sense that it prevents heroes from easily moving about the map without like a gem at times cause of the fact anywhere can be minefielded and you dont know. Against him heroes that get necrobooks or have summons probably works pretty well. Natures Prophet did an ok job of clearing minefields(though he sent his entire flock of trees which was abit feed but yes). I can see lycan wolves doing ok since they have magic resist. Getting a gem on a tanky hero works as well. or having a really tanky hero go through places. having wards originally out on the map also helps since it means you know where some of the minefields are, one of the common mine placements ive seen were the path to rune and on the rune spot.
  5. Or you could just take Glados' word on it and call it as it is, A forest with or a field with a creek running down the middle of it and a lair of a cursed ugly(or actually a novelist turned ugly from the stress ) Anyways sounds like you had alot of fun gj to muddlet and Mrfool
  6. Good Job on the Group stages Cant wait to see how you guys will do in the Elimination Brackets! Good Luck! Aim for the Top
  7. Well im currently not as active as i want to be in dota 2 game(cant use my new desktop yet) but i do hope that come mid September(at the worst case scenario) i should have the desktop fully operational. Used to be on another person's laptop to play dota 2 kind of doesnt make scheduling easy to plan for. Also to clarify my comment its not that the current one doesn't represent the AJSA or that it represents it badly but i don't feel the guild is working together or communicating enough with itself. A community is a group where people can openly ask one another for a friendly game or share ideas, bounce problems and solution, blossom ideas for future use, and make friends. So i would definitely like to see more communication and ideas given out as well as details gathered. Maybe find out what date most of us would find it comfortable to do inhouses on maybe set dates of the month? find out a date(maybe once or twice a month) for wacky silly games(SHOM(single hero only mid), pudge wars, rubick wars, invoker wars, etc etc)? would be interesting(since 1v1 mid came out recently) to have a 1v1 mid tournament for funzies(and bragging rights)? I do hope that in the future ill be able to help more with AJSA, and play more games with you guys. I know ill definitely be atleast taking a dip into Planetside 2 before christmas once i get the desktop operational. Id definitely be willing to step up(and i think the dude also expressed this) as the US officer of the AJSA Dota 2 guild(both ingame and on the forums) since we currently have mostly if not all EU officers. I believe i am still technically listed as an officer in the ingame guild so i definitely apology for the lack of any ingame guild action(such as hosting events, setting up groups, etc etc). Also Demonscolt, I don't think this is meant to discourage people who don't play 40+ hours per week on dota 2. Its meant to be more of an opening piece so we can have an active community that will be up for playing and could easily be relied upon to get players for playing. One that can set up more community events and have more public word on when the next event is coming(i usually don't notice till i see the popup come on steam at the moment). Its also I believe meant to create a more cohesive leadership structure(leader, officers, sergeants, member at the very least?). Regardless of how it goes i do hope we take a positive step forward. good luck have fun, Sundaecat
  8. tbh you havent had a comeback game till your void lands perfect 5 man chronos for 3 fights straight while you sit on the side lines using silencers ok nukes and waiting to ult once the chrono ends. or when you get the perfect ES ult and they cant buy back in time to save their ancient. Also PA getting rng screwed i feel is less likely than getting rng screwed on ogre cause if you seriously dont get any multicasts during 2-3 team fights you feel worthless :< Ive had that and till the very end i dont think i got a single 3x or 4x multicast(i had maybe 1 or 2 2x multicasts in some of the fights) Another issue with just playing the same hero over and over is a) its boring unless you like that hero alot, it means that you are also limiting the pool you can play through playing heroes that you are the best at for a bunch of games. There also problems with playing invoker, tinker, furion is cause you need a team that can hold out till you get to a certain point, tinker doesnt farm too fast till boots of travel and even then you want items on that hero, invoker sometimes takes a while to come online even with midas, furion usually means that one of your lanes wont be a duo and usually means your lanes will be weaker as a result of furion not being able to contribute much unless he participates in ganks and makes stuff happen(and trust me ive had a game where a furion was all watching and would come join early ganks he managed to secure the kill that would have been missed otherwise or make stuff really annoying to play vs(cause he would always show up so any gank would be xvx+1 unless it was a 5v5 teamfight).
  9. Yeah sometimes take a break or set up with friends you know you can trust to carry or support you properly . Somedays you do lose and then feel very annoyed youve done something really dumb(trust me ive fingered a creep). also with US or EU you can swap servers(east/west) and hope it gets better(since there wont be much latency difference between the two usually(i mean for me its 20-75ms to east and 75-150 ms for west) and generally it wont feel like too much of a difference(usually will go back to east eventually though). but yeah as muddlet(its muddlet regardless of his muddlet chan name change) says a break from the game to play another usually will help you reset your mindset and feels for it. If you really feel like continuing do take a introspective(basically watch your own replays from the games) sometime later and see if you did tilt and you could have done it better or not and yeah. GL
  10. ooh neat to know you guys are back and good luck on the insomnia lan, would be nice to get the stream details(for the lan) when they are made available
  11. and i just lurk
  12. considering my chen isnt terrible i think i deserve a spot near dofrs on the list somewhere also eventually i will have my long beard for pudge it will happen
  13. Fire LIon hum http://www.dota2-utilities.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Lina-Vs-Lion-by-PklkMike.png ok not getting to use img :<
  14. ive had matches where i was completely unappreciated by my team and flamed but had the enemy team recognizing that my Blink ES ults have been winning the last 3-4 teamfights for my team. the point is Random people have the varying and highly differing levels of judgement of other people, ive muted my fair share of people and you should to. As much as i sometimes get frustrated with the random flamers i get matched with, its how you deal with it, mute and dont let that person drag down your enjoyment of the game. If someone cant communicate without flaming, they do not deserve your time or attention. Focus on what is important, your game, if you are doing bad see what you can still salvage out of it, its surprising how many games you can somehow comeback in cause you didn't give up and stop farming.
  15. there has always been abit of a no hair bug thats around, look at the CM immortal from this years immortal box for example, whenever i respawn or videos ive seen her respawn she sometimes will be bald and missing the hair/crown