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  1. Williamtat liked a post in a topic by Sundaecat in DOTA 2 pre season 2014 tourney for those who dont want to go looking :P   
    Alright This Tournament has concluded:
    1st place:
    Personal Space Invaders:
    Charlie, tThorns, Wusha,  Hard, ProGi
    2nd Place:
    Dwelling in Wisdom:
    Mantarias, Wei, Cake or Death, KanKraken, Ziggy
    3rd place:
    DOFR, Miku Miku, Radish, Vetus Ludaeus, TOPT
    tourney page: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/tournaments/details/11-pre-season-2014-dota-2-tournament/
    Registration ends: Jan 30 2014
    Tournament officially starts: Jan 31 2014
    Tournament ends: Feb 3 2014
    apparently up to 3 reserves(stand ins) are allowed?
    Requirements: must have teamspeak, must be atleast recruit(atleast a forum member), games must be played during the period and screenshot of the endgame scorescreen are to be submitted to confirm the game(im guessing to Craigr910 who is managing the tourney)
    Format: Double Elimination
    Current number of teams: 8 teams out of 8 team slots. Registration Period for this tournament has ended, Now its time to play(god ofc)

    Note: "Kankraken mid, Son of Dendi, Winner of 1v1 AJSA Tournament, carry of the team, without him doing well we can't win -Wei 2014(excerpt from a pretournament interview upon the formation of team)", Wei wanted a note here that says he feeds. EU based team
    notes: It is Confirmed, DOFR has brought an All Russia squad to the tourney , cant wait to see how they do. DOFR has said the 4 & 5 role players do tend to swap roles occasionally. He has also stated that this set up has played previously with DOFR mid, Radish & TOPT support, Vetus safelane carry and MIku offlane. 
    Milestone Gaming:
    notes: EU based team.  apparently team sweden?
    note: This team has forfeitted the tournament
    notes: One of the two US based team in the tourney O_O, mostly from Florida from the forum accounts data so Go Go sunny florida i think.
    Ive gotten some info from Amper44 but would definitely like more info. I see that Jihad-ed is the only one who has wished the rest of the teams good luck on the tournament page so should we expect bm from the rest of the teams(*sarcastic laugh*) -> well then Charlie and DOFR have both said good luck on the tournament page...
    notes: Well then team europe it is  "We will invade our enemies personal space, we will make them feel as awkward... because we are the PERSONAL SPACE INVADERS. Fear us when you take a shower. -Charlie(excerpt from messages)" will we see an aggressive early game? we will see. Currently the team most taunted by OrganicFireGamers, hopefully no flamewars erupt
    IFBWT(In First Blood We Trust):
    notes: In First Blood We Trust was the original name of the current dota 2 guild, pre ajsa times.
    notes: another US based team, wohoo! glad to have more US representation. "We all speak English -DasPeople" Interestingly the only team with a reserve that has been noted so far. I guess this means most of the teams are confident they will be able to play during the time alloted for each match?
    General notes: First AJSA tournament for DOTA 2, It will definitely be nice if we could have an idea of when teams have scheduled face offs for the tournament once it gets started and the brackets are known 
    PS: If the mods want to hijack the thread go for it ive put this one together mostly so people who havent seen/gone to look for the tournament can see what its about and who is currently in it and ill probably update with scores when i can see it
  2. mrfool liked a post in a topic by Sundaecat in Looking to find casual or competitive players? Look here!   
    I kind of want to see a structured format so we dont have people with too little written. like for me 1k can still mean you dont know how to pull through camps or that skadi and life steal stack on melee heroes .
    I like shnooks since its pretty descriptive. It gives you how many games/hours, MMR, Timezone, availability and a reasonable description.
    here is a rough idea of how id like to see peoples submissions tbh
    how many hours/games played:
    what roles you can fill/you are most comfortable with:
    any heroes youd like to play on team/Most comfortable heroes:
    dotabuff link:(since it can give some idea of your recent performance as well as best heroes if you dont feel like writing)
    In example mine:
    SN: =AJSA=Sundaecat
    Ive got 1155 hours of DOTA2 or about 850 pvp games under my belt. Ive got a ranked MMR of 3250, and im US based(GMT-6). My schedules abit chaos and thus i would pretty much be mostly a reserve for now.  I can fill the roles of hard carry(1), hard support(5), and offlaner(3). I usually feel the most safe with Strength heroes like Timbersaw, Clockwerk, Tusk but i definitely can play bounty, dark seer, mirana offlane and make it work. Support wise i can play most of the conventional supports, though micro isnt my strong point so enchantress/visage/chen would need alot more practice before i feel completely comfortable with them.
    i think thats a pretty good description tbh  cheers! good luck with gathering teams
    PS: Spinakker just type the URL in and the forums will still accept it regardless of its problems with copy pasta on chrome/IE
  3. Sundaecat liked a post in a topic by mrfool in DotA 2 - Rekindling Soul 6.82   
    A big one for sure, this one is gonna be a real game changer. Let's hope we can all adjust to the new map fast enough! Great post as always man.
  4. Sundaecat liked a post in a topic by KazeNilrem in DotA 2 Media Thread (Videos/Images)   
    How to counter Tinker. I think it works pretty damn well

  5. Sundaecat liked a post in a topic by Rain in Resignation from LoL   
    Apex you the man, get well bro. Until you return...I'll play with your spirit guiding me from your comfy hospital bed with hot nurses tending to your every desire. I'll get a penta in your honor.
  6. Sundaecat liked a post in a topic by Weynard in SMG Infiltrator gameplay   
    U betta enjoy the music m8

  7. Sundaecat liked a post in a topic by mrfool in Ever get those just...brutal games?   
    I guess I never considered that thread to be important but now you've mentioned it I can see it's merits. I'll see about getting it pinned and I'll also throw it into the Archives under Orange.
  8. Sundaecat liked a post in a topic by Mellow in Ever get those just...brutal games?   
    There is a thread for posting about frustrating matches that you have had, but it kinda got buried under everything else since it wasn't pinned
    Really not sure why the anger management post isn't pinned, it seems more worthy of being pinned than some of the other topics that are pinned........anyways, those kind of matches happen sometimes, the reason they're so annoying is because you feel like you just wasted 30-60 minutes of your day being pissed off or bored.
    There was this one match I had a long time ago, where I probably ran into the most obnoxious player in dota 2 history, he gave the enemy team first blood, blamed it on me, then we both argued on our mics for the entire game (45 minute match), this guy was a complete and total asshole, I looked at his profile a couple weeks ago, and he hasn't been on dota 2 or steam since may, which is a huge relief for the dota 2 community, and steam in general, out of curiosity I looked at his profile and he played a match 2 weeks ago, hasn't been on since, hopefully he stays offline this time. *whew, that was a lot of typing for me*
  9. Sundaecat liked a post in a topic by Muddy-Chan in Looking to play again   
    Welcome back to the wonderful world of Dota 2! I hope the distant memories of CYKA BLYAT or JAJAJAJAJAJA come back to give you that true feeling of Dota.
    Just as a side note, it may be easier for you to post this post here next time: 
    Nonetheless, there should be a lot of US/Canadian players to hang out with here (Some of us are burnt out after the whole bullshit meta change lately, but some should be coming back to experience the joy that is Techies).
    Good luck and have fun!
  10. Sundaecat liked a post in a topic by mrfool in Interested in learning/coaching?   
    We already have a Coaching/Student thread set up for this purpose that you've already posted in.

    Creating a new thread isn't necessary.

    Edit: I'll put the link to that thread here, incase anyone is interested: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/13480-ajsa-coachesstudent-list-thread/
  11. Sundaecat liked a post in a topic by mrfool in DotA 2 Armageddon is upon us-Techies   
    Your signature is insaaaane. Might wanna get that changed.
  12. Sundaecat liked a post in a topic by KazeNilrem in DotA 2 Armageddon is upon us-Techies   
    It wont be long until the landscape of DotA 2 shall be turned into a hellish zone. Techies is on his way along with a plethora of other goodies. Those that dare to play -Ap during this period will learn the horrors and suffering that is techies. 
    The new patch will include:
    All Random Deathmatch Gallery of Triumphs All-Hero Challenge All Random Deathmatch-This was already in the game (can be played via console) but it is finally getting added. Essentially you get a hero and when you die, you spawn as a different hero. You keep your items which makes items like blink dagger important since it is so versatile. Each team has a pool of 40 heroes and once all 40 have been killed, you win. You can also win by destroying the other teams Ancient. 
    Gallery of Triumphs-It is essentially achievement within the game. Accomplish a certain challenge and you will be rewarded with a trophy. Example being the completion of the Ten Hero Challenge. 
    All-Hero Challenge-Upon opening your DotA profile, you will be assigned a random hero and once you claim Victory, you will move on to the next hero. You will be shown the average number of matches it has taken for all players worldwide to win and upon completion, you will get a trophy. 
    The compendium owners from TI4 will be getting the Assured Victory Shout, Taunt for techies, Battle Glory Kill Banner, and the International 2014 Music Pack.
    Along with the content, there will be a variety of changes to the game but not so much balance related. 
    Removed waiting for spectators in private lobbies. Community
    Increased low-priority ban rate for players who receive high numbers of reports Items
    Players can no longer drop or take other players' unshareble items on courier Players can no longer store other peoples' unsharable items in their stash Items on heroes controlled by players who have disconnected, but not yet abandoned, can no longer be dropped from their inventories Fixed a case where picking up an item owned by another player triggered an item combine, using items from owning player's stash. If the item was owned by an enemy player, this would combine and steal the whole item.   
    Upon arrival I have but one thing to say-Goodluck and godspeed. 
  13. Sundaecat liked a post in a topic by Muddy-Chan in Well, that was fun.   
    The radius and duration isn't that fucking big, the effect is. Anyone caught in that AoE is stuck there for 5 seconds (or however long the black hole lasts, max 5 seconds I think). It's the best AoE lockdown in the game (Since it goes through BKB).
  14. mrfool liked a post in a topic by Sundaecat in Well, that was fun.   
    Or you could just take Glados' word on it and call it as it is, A forest with or a field with a creek running down the middle of it and a lair of a cursed ugly(or actually a novelist turned ugly from the stress ) Anyways sounds like you had alot of fun gj to muddlet and Mrfool  
  15. Sundaecat liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Well, that was fun.   
    Well if I keep on playing the game more often and I get better, get some game knowledge, I will definitely keep on coming here more often to share and learn something.
  16. mrfool liked a post in a topic by Sundaecat in Well, that was fun.   
    Or you could just take Glados' word on it and call it as it is, A forest with or a field with a creek running down the middle of it and a lair of a cursed ugly(or actually a novelist turned ugly from the stress ) Anyways sounds like you had alot of fun gj to muddlet and Mrfool  
  17. Sundaecat liked a post in a topic by Muddy-Chan in Well, that was fun.   
    No problem! was fun
    We just call the battlefield....the battlefield. It doesn't really have a name. We just say "GL WITH DOTA CYKA NUB BLYAT" or something along those lines.
  18. Sundaecat liked a post in a topic by mrfool in Well, that was fun.   
    It was a ton of fun! Sorry for the initial rampage, I went to farm for the second-half of the game so you guys had the time to learn though! .
    Would love to see you around here more often Apex, would be a great addition to our little community Guild.
  19. Sundaecat liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Well, that was fun.   
    Well that was fun.
    I have to say thanks to mrfool and your new Game Officer fellow Muddlet science or...Muddy-chan...for teaching me to play DOTA 2.
    Although mrfool was naughty and kept on killing us while we were trying to learn, but Muddy-chan did his best and I did manage to score some kills and I don't even know how.
    Overall it was pretty fun and I just want to say thanks for both for giving your time to try and teach me although I will be honest with you and just say I still don't know SHIT!
    But it was still fun so I will give this game a try more often I think and sometimes I might play for fun alone or whatever.^^
    Still, thanks to both one more time and good luck on the Fields of Just...wait what...how do you call the battlegrounds in the DOTA 2?
  20. Sundaecat liked a post in a topic by Muddy-Chan in Saving graces during games   
    Played Cancer Lancer. Lost 2 rax and Tier 4 towers 30 minutes in. Enemy team proceeded to walk into our base single file and let us kill them. I got fat. They had no AoE. I mega pushed mid and won the game.
    Game was good.
    Dotabuff: http://www.dotabuff.com/matches/604650462
  21. Sundaecat liked a post in a topic by KazeNilrem in How do you get out of a losing streak?   
    To me, it really boils down to the type of person you are. Back when I played Broodwar competetively, the losing streak was there and at times, even worse than in DotA 2. Having to actually train for the game, I did end up learning a few tricks. One of which is the ability for the most part to just click the find match again. Granted in broodwar, there was no find match but just using that as an example (think of Starcraft 2). I had to learn that when I end a bad match and frustration takes over, when I click the search, my entire mindset will be focused on what is coming up and not what happened. The emotional baggage is set aside once the next match comes up. 
    Having that emotional baggage will only hurt you and possibly aid in your losing. That is why for some, simply taking a step back and having a breather is important. The most basic idea you should work toward is not carrying the baggage over to your name game. One must also realize you know what, you will lose games in a row. It happens, but it evens out, you will eventually win multiple games in a row. Take each game as a learning experience; could I have done anything better? If so, work on that one thing for the next match. You may lose but guess what, if you improved in a particular area, it will make that loss worthwhile. 
  22. Sundaecat liked a post in a topic by Madman in Saving graces during games   
    That has happened to me aswell, gotta give props to those support who sacrifice themselves for the groups survival.
  23. Sundaecat liked a post in a topic by Charlie in The Angry Army at LAN Infos!   
    Finished our second match against Team NoRe
    Game 1 screenshot 

    They forfeited after Game 1 and did no want to continue playing the Bo2 Match so we are 4-0 right now got another bo2 coming up!
    If we win the next bo2, 2-0 then we are first seed for our group!
  24. Sundaecat liked a post in a topic by Seph in The Angry Army at LAN Infos!   
    Hell ya!! Good luck to all of you out there representing us. I hope you win it all
  25. Sundaecat liked a post in a topic by Charlie in The Angry Army at LAN Infos!   
    Hey guys we are in the ricoh arena right now! Hype hype!!
    In the next 3-4 days i am going to update this thread with info about our games, streams, pictures, vlogs etc etc.
    Pretty much any info about the official ajsa dota 2 team playing at the lan!
    Please bump this thread as much as you can so everyone notices would like to see people noticing that we are actually at a lan and representing this very community
    All the infos we got right now is that we start the groupstage matches at 4pm (UK Time, CET-1) and we gonna continue playing till 22:00 (UK Time, CET-1)
    In the meanwhile this is the official Dota2 Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/multiplay_dota
    Groupstage Match 1 (Bo2): AJSA vs Reason Gaming (2-0)
    Groupstage Match 2 (Bo2): AJSA vs NoRussPlz (2-0)
    Groupstage Match 3 (Bo2): AJSA vs Ross Kemp on Dota (2-0) 
    Groupstages over now going to sleep! Elimination Bracket starts at 10:30 am tomorrow, tomorrow is gonna be the important day!
    Thanks for following^^
    Groupstages Standing
    Cheers, Charlie