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  1. I don’t know what to think about QTEs. I mean if you get down to it they are like regular gameplay. I press a button and something happens on the screen. Isn’t that what we all do? In all seriousness I do dislike them in cut scenes. Especially the ones with timers because I usually take that time to put the controller down and do something else and then I have to grab the damn thing in a hurry and miss the whole thing because I press something else. Beyond that I don’t really care.
  2. I better make sure I get it then. I would hate to miss this new content.
  3. So this means I better get the expansion or I am shit out of luck? Not cool
  4. So more Bloodborne? I guess that is cool but I am wondering what this could be about. I mean we haven’t time to explore the lore properly and the Chalice dungeons are so hard I barely started with them but I wonder… I thinks this could be good, so we need to wait and see what this will add. More armors and trick weapons are always welcome as well.
  5. Go ahead then. And yes, we will probably see more DLC than just this one but I beg Bioware goes with quality rather than quantity on them. We already have plenty of stuff in the vanilla game, I put over 100 hours to complete all the side missions and the main story with my first character so I wouldn’t mind if the DLC is short as long as is fun. I would recommend you put something in between your first and second run of the game however. The repetitive nature of the side quest is more noticeable if you do them twice over, since unlike some story missions there aren’t any decisions to make, most of them are: go here, kill enemies and get reward.
  6. Well, if I get you right you are talking about completing all the possible missions and side quest on Dragon Age Inquisition. And to be honest, Joe is kind of right there. At first the new areas and their huge playgrounds are fun and will keep you busy but as soon as you get deeper in to the game they can become repetitive. I love to complete everything I can, and I won’t say I was bored while playing Inquisition but is true that, after a while, the size of this areas and the amount of stuff they have can drain your entertainment. I am finishing a second play as a mage and the areas are losing some of its appeal. The first time around I loved to have more of the game to explore and quests to do. But at times I feel like some of these areas could have been remove or combine in to one and that would increase the fun factor. In the end I would recommend you finish all you can now, if you are that much in to the lore and Dragon Age in general, before completing the main story. It seems we have a DLC coming, if you play on some platforms, so there is plenty to do. In short, it depends on you. I think the side missions are better being done before completing the main story events but I pad how many I do before taking a story mission, that way I am not stuck doing stuff that doesn’t add to the end goal as, sadly, there isn’t any effect on this side missions and your end game (Character quests are another thing).
  7. Wait... why would anyone want to make a multiplayer of a game that was hold by its singleplayer the first time around? I am not holding my breath for this thing to be good. Is like anything has multiplayer these days... and I am not sold. I didn't pick the original Dragon's Dogma to play its non existing multiplayer features. Why can't they make another singleplayer RPG and then place this multiplayer as an option? Like Dragon Age Inquisition did. So I can play the singleplayer and ignore the multiplayer option.
  8. Didn't we use to have fashion contest to do just this? I mean, great looking characters but still it was a nice time when people actually get around to participate. I would show my own characters but I lack any fashion sense and I just put them in some armor set, paint them in one color and call it a day... I will see if I can work on that.
  9. This looks promessing so far. I justr wish they have rise the level cap to 100. Maybe I just don't like the 80 because I was born in the 90s? In any case we shall see if this is good or not when we actually get around and play, so holding back thoughts until I see it for myself... with all the graphics to the minimum and in that weird time-anomaly that my slow internet makes of every single play session.
  10. Then this might prove good in the end. From what I hear the changes to the online stuff is what past gen consoles won't get and, but I am honestly not sure, the PC versions won't get them either. PC players who want the new online features will need to buy the game again.
  11. Well this is odd. Have I knew about this then I wouldn’t got my hands on the past gen version of the game. But if we get the new content as a free patch in the past gen versions then is fine. I might consider upgrading if they provide a way to port saves from past gen to next gen.
  12. Is not like Skyrim lacks good ideas. Also I did hear about a crafting system. I will have to wait and see.
  13. I agree there. Last time I try a dungeon with random people we lost so badly... thank god nobody blame each other and we just lost like bosses. But I had also form random groups for some events and ended having a lot of fun. But that run looks awesome; I guess at times random people you meet on an MMO are not that bad.
  14. I haven't been able to check here much, and just when I am done with tests for the next couple of weeks I enter and discover this. Well, I take it as a sign so if my internet wills it I will be there. If it doesn't I will be there in spirit... so please to not take as an ascalonian ghost and shoot me. I need to make a character that isn't human, might help with that.
  15. Having boarded the train for these kind of games only recent I was both surprise and sad to hear about Bloodborne’s delay (I mean I even got my hands on Demon’s Soul just recent once I was done with Dark Souls 2) But I agree that the delay is good if Fromsoftware is using the time to polish the game, listen to feedback and overall deliver a best experience at launch. Other companies will just go “Just send it and we will patch it later” and we end with bug fill disasters like Total War Rome II among others. Is still sad because I bet we all want to play it but then again February already has enough games and I am going to get Witcher 3 Wild Hunt so it would be hard to balance that with Bloodborne. In the end I am sure Fromsoftware will deliver its usual hardcore game experience and this slight delay will only help them do just that.