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  1. Hello AngryArmy! Hello Joe's. and Del. and Alex. I just watched this great exposed video on simulated gaming discussion in germany. YOUTUBE LINK. GERMAN. SIMULATED GAMING DEBALE IN AN APP FOR KIDS (Coin Master - an (lmao) "adventure" App game. Where u have a minimalistic base level, and have TO SPIN THE FUCKING WHEEL, to get Coins (e.g. to attack some1s base bla) german AAA and AA celebrities promote this shit on FB, youtube and even german tv. so far the owners made 280 million in a "SIMULATED GAMING" app for kids. I think you all must see this. You just have to find someone to properly translate it to you. It is HORRIFIC that this subject is not US / ESRB only...(german legislators also have no idea and the laws are completly out-of-date) Simulated gaming is a much bigger and global problem, than even we gamers assume. So many points made by the host are exactly the same Joe made in his ESRB videos. The guys who made this app, are makers of biggest betting and casino websites. it takes years to advance laws. Ok. But no precedents = no laws = loop hole = $$$ for people who are willing to use those even if kids get addicted REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Its good though that everywhere there are concered parties about this problem. RISE AA and lets fight "Simulated Gaming" globally. EDIT: PC MASTERRACE for eveeeer, tho its not about the plattform, or whether this app should even be considered "gaming". IMO its about a giant hole in legislation systems. And no structered laws (up-to-date) wich control this subject. sorry for the third reich english. p.s. the end lvl of this fucking app is a kid who finally made it to the casino (yes.) level.