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Everything posted by Grinning_Zero

  1. Hey everyone, Who here is ready for Death Stranding, dropping on November 8th? I am pretty interested in the game, especially with how weird it looks. Don't really see anything else coming out anytime soon that is remotely similar to it. Anyone else have thoughts on this upcoming game? -GrinningZero
  2. I don't think delays are inherently bad, they just don't give me much confidence at this point. It seems like delays indicate some major problems with development, but I quite frankly don't keep up with them. In other news, I thought the Last of Us was decent back when it came out so I am sort of on the fence with the Last of Us 2. I tried going back and playing the remastered version and the game-play is so boring and bland that I can't finish like I did when I first played it so here is to hoping for a huge upgrade in game-play.
  3. Hate to say it, but now that I think about it I have to agree with you. I came into Oblivion and Fallout 3 late, but the horse armor DLC is now back on my mind. The bad thing is too is that if you compared Skyrim to Oblivion you can see a clear difference in quality so it really feels like they have been sprinting on a downhill slope for quite a while. I really hope Fallout 76 is a way for them to finally wake up and see what they are doing as a company. Fans do not want to play a game that is half-baked, full of micro-transactions, and bland/boring. In other news I think its time to hit up Outer Worlds, the true heir to Fallout style games. Just got to find a way to fit it into my current schedule.
  4. Welcome aboard soldier! I recently joined the Angry Army myself. I admit I kind of wish there was more activity on the forum, but Discord isn't that bad.
  5. Honestly, I was never able to get into Star Wars: The Old Republic. I lost interest in it fairly quick, but can't really remember why. Funny enough, going back to Kojima, I am actually doing a playthrough of MGS V to pass the wait time
  6. Hello all, I am GrinningZero, a new legionnaire in the Angry Army here to check in and ready up. If you ever need backup then I am your warlord! I hope to see you all on the battlefield! -GrinningZero