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  1. Grinning_Zero liked a post in a topic by Delicieuxz in A further look at the fraud and deception involved in the CoD: Mobile $100 rigged loot box gambling thing   
    Here's looking a bit more at the point made about the claimed scam-wheel drop-rate of items being a lie:
    When the game publisher reports that there is a drop-rate of, for example, 42% for an "epic" (purple) item, that's actually a lie and fraud because, looking at the YouTuber results, that 42% is not the chance of a drop for spinning the scam-wheel once, but is for spinning it a whole bunch of times to have completed the entire scripted sequence.
    A 42% drop-rate means that that item drops roughly 42% of the time when that game is played. And the definition of playing that game is not playing it some particular number of times that the publisher hasn't even disclosed to people, but is to play it any single time including the first time. To play the game once is to have played the game that claims to have a drop-rate of 42% for an "epic" (purple) when it's played.
    In reality, a player likely has a 0% chance to win certain items on certain spins, but then eventually has a 100% chance to win that item after spinning that scam-wheel 7, 8, 9, or 10 (or whatever number it is) times.
    So, to claim that each possible item has a certain drop-rate when the game is played is a lie and I suspect it's a wilful act of conniving and manipulating players of the scam-wheel. And that lie might be fraud that can be criminally charged, or for which a class-action lawsuit could take place to get everybody's money back. It's also something that can be given as an example of how feckless current practices oversight is, and as an argument for regulation against these cheating, lying, stealing, and manipulative fraudster companies like ActiVision.
  2. Grinning_Zero liked a post in a topic by Delicieuxz in A response to Joe's great Fallout '76 review - Bethesda's history of Fallout '76-ing things up   
    When that $2.50 Horse Armor came out, it was unheard of to do such a practice and to charge anything for something so small. I person might have expected back then that if such an item was to be added, that it might be maybe one of a handful of such things added as extras in a code patch. Charging $2.50 for a skin back when Bethesda did it in Oblivion seemed as outrageous to me back then as others seem to think that charging $100 or $13 a month for a Fallout '76 annual subscription that includes fundamental and needed gameplay elements is today.
    One thing that a lot of people don't seem to understand is that blindly hyping something is not neutral or a victimless action. It is feeding something - greed, arrogance, and is creating the relationship dynamic with the developer and publisher that tells them that those doing the hyping are their bitches and the devloper and publisher completely owns them and are entitled to treat them any way they choose. It creates a power imbalance. There is deserved praise, and then there is hype. Hype is praise that is unsubstantiated by facts, being not connected to actual merit. It is dangerous and damaging, and it creates and feeds the monsters like Bethesda, EA, and ActiVision.
    I would go so far as to say that hype is a gamer sin. Because it's truthless, being praise apart from substantiation, any amount of it that's taken as anything other than a joke or messing around results in some negative consequence later on that needs to be corrected and / or suffered through. People can't adopt a falsehood as belief without there being a negative consequence to it.
    Firstly, the publishers and developers doing abusive practices are to blame for their decisions and actions and for having no independent judgment and morality that stops them from behaving corruptly, arrogant, unjustly, disrespectfully, and abusively. They are those primarily responsible for this.
    However, in a way, the abuse gamers are getting today is also a product of them reaping what they sowed in years past when they gave free passes to publishers and developers as they started strange exploitative practices and then progressively ratcheted things up once they got their scheming foots in the door. Gamers fed that monster and many of them also bit at and mocked people who called out companies while the manifestations of corruption were much smaller.
    And the things companies did in the past have to be looked at in the context of the times: $2.50 Horse Armor at a time when no such practices existed, when such items were just nice little patch extras, and when people were given far more for there gaming money (bugs aside) = $100 Fuck You First subscription fee in 2019. This stuff is to be judged based on how much companies are willing to move into negatives based on their current environment and contemporarily-accepted standards and expectations. The same people at the companies that do these things today would have been slave-traders in the 1700s or 1800s - and many of them would surely sell their customers into slavery if it were legal to do so today, just like Microsoft or Facebook would.
    The movement towards exploitative practices is the sign that the full corruption is waiting there for an avenue to get itself established. The small exploitations become larger ones if they aren't stamped out when they appear. And the gaming community in general has been turning blind eyes to all the smaller gamer / customer exploitations for years, even rationalizing and praising them, and that's probably why there are now big gamer / customer exploitations.
  3. Delicieuxz liked a post in a topic by Grinning_Zero in A response to Joe's great Fallout '76 review - Bethesda's history of Fallout '76-ing things up   
    Hate to say it, but now that I think about it I have to agree with you. I came into Oblivion and Fallout 3 late, but the horse armor DLC is now back on my mind. The bad thing is too is that if you compared Skyrim to Oblivion you can see a clear difference in quality so it really feels like they have been sprinting on a downhill slope for quite a while. I really hope Fallout 76 is a way for them to finally wake up and see what they are doing as a company. Fans do not want to play a game that is half-baked, full of micro-transactions, and bland/boring. In other news I think its time to hit up Outer Worlds, the true heir to Fallout style games. Just got to find a way to fit it into my current schedule.
  4. Grinning_Zero liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in Last of Us 2 & games by Ubisoft have been delayed   
    I don't mind these delays. Last of Us 2 is going to be fantastic, so this is just a temporary setback. Watch Dogs Legion was pretty rough when I saw it at a gaming event I went to called MEO last month, so it's good that they decided to polish it up some more first. Besides, I'll probably be playing the everlasting shit out of Cyberpunk 2077 before Last of Us 2!  
  5. Grinning_Zero liked a post in a topic by Delicieuxz in A response to Joe's great Fallout '76 review - Bethesda's history of Fallout '76-ing things up   
    Given Joe's new video and the yet one more ridiculous behaviour from Bethesda, this seems pertinent again.
    A lot of people say Bethesda has become a terrible company, but I think It's not so much that Bethesda has become a terrible company as it is that they were always a terrible company but gamers just didn't tune into it or want to hear it in previous years because, to the massive influx of sixth and seventh console gamers, everything was new, golden, and shiny, and they wanted nothing to rain on their party of blindly hyping up the companies making their shiny worlds as 'chosen ones' or real-life St Nicholases. Also, the information wasn't as well compiled and readily available years ago, and the vocal gaming audience was younger and less experienced and mature and didn't care as much for business practices and politics.
    But I think the evidence shows that this is what Bethesda has always been since the days of Oblivion and their infamous Horse Armor DLC that may have been the first microtransaction. Bethesda pioneered being shitty nickle-and-diming gaming practices, they're progenitors of that stuff. Bethesda was that terrible company while people were caught up in Oblivion, Fallout 3 (which sucks), and Skyrim. They're maybe parading it more openly now, and targeting their customers harder after having previously focused on targeting other developers.
  6. Grinning_Zero liked a post in a topic by Freshbrownies in Long time viewer and decided to check out the site!   
    Hey guys! Long time YouTube viewer and just wanted to see what his site was all about. Saw that a lot of the conversation was on discord but thought I should still make my first forum post. Kind of sad to see the forum format die since thats what I grew up on, excited to be apart of the Army officially though! I'm a huge car enthusiast and forums are still the main shit to communicate and love the feel of the format. I will definitely be posting to this site hoping to get a little more use out of it for everyone. And fuck Fallout 76 right now, I got it for free during the release period, barely touched it. Definitely won't touch it now, can't believe I would have to pay more money just to private server with only 7 friends! WHAT THE FUCK?! A bunch of buds of mine thought about picking it up again after all the updates but now we can't. Straight ass cheeks. Aight rant done. Excited for some conversations about games! 
  7. Grinning_Zero liked a post in a topic by ChronicSquirrel in Death Stranding Incoming   
    I totally am. Pre-ordered a couple months back and been counting the days and playing some Star Wars: The Old Republic and holy fuck, the new expansion totally ass raped my end game gear and experience. Loot is random as fuck, but the idea of amplifiers on armour and weapons has me stoked...until I got raped in a level 30 heroic mission I could handle in 5 minutes . Other than that, been really looking forward to something new and exciting from the ever amazing Hideo Kojima...will be interesting as this is NOT a MGS title.