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  1. shit, did not post correctly, never mind the mess. Well I got the game and DAYMN its awesome., can't wait for AJ to review this one. As far as you not getting into SWTOR, its probally the fact they have the shittiest bug team ever. For one, there have been bugs in SWTOR since day one that have never been addressed such as caped armour sets that literally clip through your toons' bodys both out of and during cut scenes, shoulder long capes also for some reason wrap around your toons' body when performing twisting abilities like a Jedi performing Blade Barrage. You got to dance around just to get the fucking thing to start to act like a god damn cape. Perhaps I should live by Edna Mode's one rule, NO CAPES!!! Fuck me, what Jedi does not wear some sort of caped outfit!? Even Anakin's outfit prior to his fall as Darth Vader had a caped outfit. Did Bioware Austin bother to hire anyone who knew anything about fabric dynamics? Probally not, but then again the HeroEngine is ancient as fuck, so there is that too. Also, this section of this post is dedicated to the worst bug of all. Ranged companions since 2015 where they released the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion were totally broken. Let me explain a little. Basically, for whatever idiotic reason, there was a bug where any of the ranged companions (Corso Riggs, Vette, HK-51, etc) when ordered to attack a mob of enemies where the companions in question were above 30 meters away from an the enemy you commanded with control + 1 to attack with the compaion would stand around aiming their weapons and doing nothing at all. I learned the hard way to either be with in the dumb ass 30 or less meter range, or aggro the group, fall back and let the faggot compaion SEE the enemy and then attack? Only recently with a pre-expansion for the Jedi Under Siege on Ossus did the screwy bug team finally get around to fixing this particular issue. 2015 - 2019 to address a fundementally fucked up bug like that makes it hard to play a game that has shit reputation for bug control. If it took 4 years for Blizzard to fix a fundamentally game breaker bug, no one would play WoW. The only saving grace is that the Pre-Disney Canon "legends" story writting in the game is some of the funnest SW tales to date, but a truc...er, speeder full of bent ass old bugs again like I said makes it hard to play at times. Even some of the newer missions in the recent crop of expansions were broken as well.
  2. I totally am. Pre-ordered a couple months back and been counting the days and playing some Star Wars: The Old Republic and holy fuck, the new expansion totally ass raped my end game gear and experience. Loot is random as fuck, but the idea of amplifiers on armour and weapons has me stoked...until I got raped in a level 30 heroic mission I could handle in 5 minutes . Other than that, been really looking forward to something new and exciting from the ever amazing Hideo Kojima...will be interesting as this is NOT a MGS title.