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    I'm into cars, really into cars (fixing them, writing about them, racing them, and playing them in games!) Single player games on console and PC are my favorite form of gaming some examples being, (God of War 1/2/3/4, RDR1/2, Spiderman, Fallout: New Vegas, Bioshock series, Bloodborne, most Assassins Creeds, Arkham City/Asylum, Gears of War 1/2/3/4, most Halos [2 and 3 being the best], DOOM MOTHA FUCKA, Mortal Kombat 9, all Gran Turismos, Drive Club, Assetto Corsa, Far Cry 3/4, RAYMAN ORIGINS!!!, and many more.). Despite my love affliction with single player games I'm very good at most FPS games (humble I know) though narrative driven campaigns are my go-to. Published photographer who now mostly shoots for fun, will PM links if wanted! I love professional American Football, being a lifelong Vikings and Chiefs fan. A big movie snob, mostly into dark stories told by Tarantino, Scorsese, Cohen Bros, early/mid Spielberg, and Villeneuve. Being a born and raised Minnesotan I absolutely love beer, almost every type besides Porters and Stouts. Also a big cannabis connoisseur. Excited for some conversations on games and hopefully cars! 
  1. esrb

    Wow. That was an amazing read. I strongly suggest you make a Medium.com article or something with this content, I was fully encapsulated during the whole read. Try posting it some sub-reddits as well. Your writing style was objective focused but addictively interesting for all audiences. Not just gamers but all creators as well! Great insight on perseverance with humble realization of your own short comings makes for a compelling and relatable read. Please, let me know, if you choose to write and or post this content on other mediums because I will read and share en masse in a heart beat. Best of luck on your start up, life itself, and hopefully your future writings!
  2. Hey guys! Long time YouTube viewer and just wanted to see what his site was all about. Saw that a lot of the conversation was on discord but thought I should still make my first forum post. Kind of sad to see the forum format die since thats what I grew up on, excited to be apart of the Army officially though! I'm a huge car enthusiast and forums are still the main shit to communicate and love the feel of the format. I will definitely be posting to this site hoping to get a little more use out of it for everyone. And fuck Fallout 76 right now, I got it for free during the release period, barely touched it. Definitely won't touch it now, can't believe I would have to pay more money just to private server with only 7 friends! WHAT THE FUCK?! A bunch of buds of mine thought about picking it up again after all the updates but now we can't. Straight ass cheeks. Aight rant done. Excited for some conversations about games!