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    Techno, Game Design, Neon Colors, The color purple, dark electro,Cyber Cell, Insects, unlimited knowledge, 1950's asthetics, the cosmos
  1. Whats up brah~
  2. To buy Dawnguard and Dragonborn without Hearthfire would be a great disservice to your self. If your like me and suffer from a sever identity crises you probably use Skyrim to project your own flaws and insecurities into your character,you play with him or her for a while and then you realize you dont like your self so you make a new character over and over again hoping things will change. It'll come to the point where you cant even progress through the first act of the game without restarting your character doomed to repeat the same cut scene until you put the controller down. But you can put your controller down because you'll face the horrible reality you just left. you dont wanna remember that time the head cheerleader had a thing for you and decided she was probably better off with that douche Jonathan. I mean yeah he works out every day and has a car and a job, and he did get accepted into a good college but...fuck em. You have skyrim and that's all you'll ever need. A small room, with the lights off, a bean bag, some empty mountain dew cans littering the place, let me tell you something ALL OF THAT IS WAY BETTER THAN A RELATIONSHIP WITH ANOTHER HUMAN BEING. I mean i'm not regretting it if your not, i got this. Anyways yeah...you should get Hearthfire.
  3. allow me to join your group of psn friends~ i have a mic and am on often~
  5. DU I LUUK LIEK UH RECRUIT TU YEW! but thank you anyways for the welcome~
  6. Pretty much every comic iv'e ever done can be found on my Facebook. alternatively, you can check out my profile on this website which has a few old comics or my deviantart account at http://cybergothradio.deviantart.com/
  7. Come by and say hello, I talk back! Facebook username Rust Soda (super manager at Kmart)
  8. here is my resume~ call me we'll do lunch. my number is 4
  9. Here's a comic from my Morning Coffee series. i haven't done one of these in a long time. thinking about ending it here.
  10. This isn't the Cyber Goth Radio that iv'e been working on, instead its a remake of an earlier attempt of the afternoon show, of which i really did not like. I'm happier with this one but not too happy~ its very likely that i'll redo this one as well.
  11. They Told me i could draw cartoons on the internet...and i believed them.... If you want to see more of my art follow this link here http://cybergothradio.deviantart.com/
  12. Hey guys its been a while since i posted a comic but now that my semester of college is over i'm gonna have alot more free time to work on more comics. The newest Cyber Goth Radio is not exactly ready yet so here is a classic Monty Python skit i drew