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  1. I've seen three reviews on this game. Two said it was brilliant and worth getting past the 10 hour intro to get to the good stuff. One wasn't kind at all. What I care about is that none of them mentioned microtransactions, macrotransactions, or season passes. I've never really been a Kojima fan and this game probably isn't something that looks interesting to me. But, I am a fan of single player RPG campaigns with a good story. I am definitely going to buy this game just to support the genre. It's a dying breed. It's easier, cheaper, and they have a formula to make a multiplayer, always connected game and monetize every facet of it. What I'd like is a 50 hour Star Wars single player intergalactic campaign, maybe spanning the first six movies. But, as long as EA has the rights from Disney, it will never see the light of the day. I read that such a game was in development, but they squashed it because they want a Star Wars title ready with the next gen consoles. So, I don't care if they call this game a walking simulator, boring, or a piece of junk. I am going to support it. As long as they don't destroy the game by adding a multiplayer component to it and remove features and graphical content away from the original campaign, a la RDR 2. They ruined that game for the multiplayer piece. I never even finished that game.