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  1. I love this game! (and not just because I'm a resident in the game) It was held off for awile so they could polish it up. Now it sorta has a cult following Pros: Advance Character Creation Epic Boss Fights Easier but still can be challenging when compared to Dark Souls or other soul games. Amazing story, its Anime Souls! Random quests and humans as well as other characters will appear in old areas, so its good to back track. Change your quests anytime and still keep all your stats, items and pair it with a blood veil(clothes used to bite you opponent to gain icor which is like mana but not. Cons: (While I see nothing wrong with the game, I must put a cons section as are the rules.) You'll get lost after the Third boss, I found I didn't know where to go. There are very few ranged weapons, and by that I mean one, the Bayonet which is based off rifles used by the British. Blood Veils come in three categories as far as I know. Thats all I got for this, it truly is in my opinion worthy of purchase and play.
  2. Hello, I'm Oliver Collins, Its nice to meet you! I'm your second friend in CodeVein(To avoid spoilers I can't reveal certain things about the game I come from) Let's collect Blood Beads together in CodeVein, though my Xbox Gold is out so we can't play together.(unless you count the NPC) Collect Lots of Blood Beads in my honor.