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  1. Outer Worlds rocks love 98 percent of the game
  2. Halo 6 Avengers. Cyberpunk 2077 those are the games I'm lookin forward to this year
  3. Both fallen order and outer worlds look awesome can't wait play them its a new year 2020 new games coming this year cyberpunk2077 Halo infinity I think 🤔 it comes out this year correct me if I'm mistaken I just hope 🤞 that Halo Infinity makes for the last halo yucky really I do not like Halo bla sorry Halo 5 really only three boring levels with one of my all time favorite hero's Master Chief an the rest with boring YUCK 😝 SORRY Locke anyway Cyberpunk2077 looks awesome lets hope 🤞 it rocks but if not to bad so sad 😞
  4. Game looks awesome. Cool review
  5. I'll be totally honest 😜. I never played Anthem I only watch Angy Joe's review an made my final decision from there I do have a small amount 🤏 of hope. That EA & Bioware will gets their heads out of their butts an start making some awesome games I do miss the time of Knights of the old republic 1&2 & Mass Effect 1,2, even 3 not the ending I'm looking forward to this game I do feel a slight let down that you can't swap between male or female but despite that the game looks awesome
  6. Love this video. Haha 😆 order 67. Can't wait to play the game. 16 times the detail hahahaha 🤣. Corporate Commander got shot that was great slight star wars reference which was awesome not the last Jedi that was bad has nothin to do with this. But I have my doubts that Corporate Commander is gone forever
  7. Hoping for another game like Knights of the old republic one day This game looks good 😊 by the trailer But what they did to battle front 1&2 i'm a bit Unsettled
  8. Haven't played this game yet but I'm looking forward to it 😊 waiting on Angry Joes review as well I'm huge star wars fan