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    Sweaty Comp. play on most FPS games. Chatting, chilling, shit talking. Fast cars, scotch, women, cigars, and coffee.
  1. Like every other HL fan, going as far back as the golden days of VALVe. I'm still cheesed to not see a HL3 announced. I'll continue to hold my breath, I think it's cool that more VR stuff is coming out. However, I don't care for it. Will just wait for Joe's review of it when it drops.
  2. Hey everyone! Long time fan of the show over at youtube, figured I'd take the plunge finally. And join up with the Army! Let's see, little bit about me. I'm a Thirty-Six year old Father of two little girls, I used to be a hard core sweaty comp player back during Counter-Strike 1.6 days. And well before. Since then I've retired to more of a laid back approach to gaming, however still enjoying that comp presence in every FPS game. I'm a shit talker, at heart. But such is the competative way. This is the way. I also stream over at twitch, not as often as I would like as I mostly do it for fun. I'm zany, crazy and down right philosophical when it comes to gaming online. Oh, not sure if it matters. I'm into fast cars, guns, cigarettes, and coffee. Oh, I'm also very salty. Well met! Shit, I forgot to add. I play a plethora of games, from MMO's to FPS'. Anything and everything, all the space bar mashing next turn 4x, to the very fall asleep at your PC while you wait on friends to get to across a specific MMO we shall not name. Let's have fun, let's get crazy!!!!