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Everything posted by smaddeus

  1. Give it a time, since game awards is still fresh and only in recent years have taken to the heights of where Oscars and music awards have been for decades. How long will it last like this is the question, because at some point in future things will change as well and it might as well become like Oscars now, where everything is being bribed for most of the part. Even if game awards started two decades ago if not a bit more, at start it was barely anything, and it still isn't that big, but it is nearly there as far as I see. It wasn't that big and in early years it was cringy with the idea of it wanting to be on the same level as Oscars and other award ceremonies with singers, dancers, performers, and awarding games etc. Currently it is competitive, sure, but you can't tell what future holds, heck, if companies become more richer, they might as well start bribing as well for awards even though it wouldn't make sense, hence the Oscars now.
  2. To each his own...Oscars are for movies, this is for games...two different things. While you are saying this about Oscars, that this Games Awards is a lot better, meanwhile someone who enjoys movies and actors, and all that thing, is basically saying the same what you are saying, except opposite, that Oscars is better than this. I never understood how can they nominate anything of the year in which they have the show on... I mean, you can do it in early 2020 rewarding games of 2019, what's the point doing it this early before year has ended.
  3. In his videos of reviewing trailers and whatnot, he was very anticipating the game (I think), a little skeptical considering the developers, but...I was eager to see the review by him that still hasn't come out yet about game itself after release. I already played the game, and honestly...I enjoyed it, and I wasn't skeptical when I saw the trailer, I could see the possible gameplay, but I wasn't having my hopes that high so that I wouldn't get disappointed just in case. Never played the "He's a man not a God!" game, but from what I have seen they have done justice to Terminator franchise within gaming field. Game is solid and devs are playing it safe here without experimenting or trying to eat more than they can chew, thus the game is simple, linear, but very much a fan service since they nailed the atmosphere and animations of Terminator units, so it's a very great game regarding that, but you can feel and see that the gameplay and graphics and very early this decade or late past decade style. Since game is so simple yet effective with its nailed atmosphere and Terminator units, there is room for improvements and making it up to modern standards with better level design, more stuff, and improved/extended weapon customizations. Music/soundtracks was great, wished there were more of the elements where you have to evade Terminators like the first time you met T-800's patrolling hallways of a hospital with the great soundtrack playing, giving very great intro regarding meeting T-800's closer than it was at the start of the game with the spider scout bots and some T-800's patrolling streets that you had to avoid, but it was casual start. Voice acting was decent if not good, and near the end it was such a nerd moment for Terminator fan like me, because it took out the scene of a John Connor walking through the bunker and going out on the field with binoculars, and you are the one following him behind and he leads you outside to your mission. I want a sequel or another part where devs can improve or the things. I want Joe to review this game and with others to give their opinions about this game.