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  1. I'm stuck in the stage with the collapsing staircase. I've tried everything I can try that I know of. What am I doin wrong? I'm on the Anniversary Edition, but the controls are pretty much the same as the Super Nintendo with L1 and R1 serving as the L and R buttons.
  2. Would it be ok to share there?
  3. Hello, everyone My name is Chloe (or Clorissa, doesn't really matter haha) and I'm a transgender hardcore gamer and have been doin this since I was 7. My first game was Resident Evil 3: Nemesis been a long time fan of the franchise among others. What I mainly gravitate towards are horror games, RPGs, FPS, and Space Games. Even old games from before my time I could take interest in, even Pong or a bit more recent, Castlevania. I'm always interested in not only the games, but also the creation, what they went through, their inspiration, and pretty much every other detail no matter how minor or major. They are always a great inspiration to me, even any history for that matter. I also LOVE horror movies, mainly monsters and zombies, but anything that's creative is ALWAYS a must. I have met a variety of people over the years at horror conventions ALSO since I was 7. I have met such people as George A. Romero (the godfather of modern zombies), John Carpenter, and the cast of Nightmare on Elm Street INCLUDING Robert Englund. I myself have always wanted to start making games and movies that are not only unique, but bring back or even enhance practical effects. Especially horror movies benefit SO much from em in my opinion. Because it makes the horror THAT much more grotesque, honestly. I also do YouTube, but I'm hard to find so I'll simply post my latest video for now you can check it out if ya like. I post a new one every monday, rest assured, however, the quality WILL improve, I'm just working with what I have, because this sort of thing is my passion. I even plan to eventually do short films . Follow me here: Twitter: @Chloegirl3174 (Follow here to keep up with my channel ) Twitch: crispychlo327 (streams comin soon) YouTube: