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  1. They call me Hugo because I like to write, and Fox because fox chose me. I've been playing video games for about 20 years now. But since the video gaming industry changed quite a lot in the time I've been following it. I've stopped playing. I remember the days when video games were all about the Idea. They were created to enjoy stories, grind your skill, and be as competitive as possible. Those days are long gone now, with the corporations knocking on every door, video game prices are sky-high, micro-transactions on every corner. Just to make a few more dollars and milk users. So I dropped video games and I started to do what I love to do other than gaming. Writing. Video games on one hand really messed my life, I've been like an addict to them, but every coin has two sides. On the bright side, now I know what the proper video game, in my opinion, needs, what stories are worth playing and my imagination is now off the charts. Yes, video games are double edge sword. And everyone must face this truth. My goal is to tell the tales of mine, to show people what kind of video games can be, what kind of wonderful stories they can tell. I don't have programming skills, my drawing skills are moderate, and I have no 3D modeling skills ETC. All I can do right now is write. Since English is not my first language, I will learn gramma along the way, and then when all my skills are sharpened, I will write every single detail of my video games, I will look for people, Idealistic as I am. And we will change gaming or at least we will die trying.