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    Forged in the fires of southern New Jersey, Pokey was trained in the art of sitting in front of a TV and getting angry at vidya gaems. He ran the gambit of the Atari 2600, NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, PSX, N64, Dreamcast, PS2, NGC, Xbox, Xbox 360, PS3, the Wii - and of course... the PC! His main interests lie in Beat'em Ups, Action/Adventures, 3D platformers, 2D action games, fighters, X-Sports and all sorts of RPG's. Mostly RPG's and Beat'em Ups. To say the least, he's one bad dude. He also has a huge soft spot for handheld gaming.

    You can find Pokey on youtube and twitter! Feel free to get in touch, he's quite docile.
  1. You mean a capture card like an Elgato? You can get those things on some pretty decent sales at the right time. And yeah, the laptop was a big one, and it still isn't fixed. But now I do all of my work strictly on my desktop and... it sucks. I really hate not being able to chill and type up a script while in bed. It also means my ass is planted on my computer chair for more hours than I like. Also windows is such a crap OS. Don't get me wrong, OSX is a shitty operating system as well, but at least I never had a work program on it crash. Ever. Even Microsoft Word works better on a mac than on it's own parent platform.
  2. Already working on my next videos as well! But yeah, i had a huge series of technical difficulties making it hard to have any spare time on forums. Stupid technology!
  3. Due to a shit ton of technical issues, this video took forever to make! However, it is finally done, I hope you enjoy this look at the PC version of Metal Gear Rising! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGmAHGFsiOo
  4. Gonna be playing it on the PC since it's just my preferred platform when it's an option. Visually, as is, doesn't bother me, really. However, if a mod ever comes out to restore the lightning system, I'd snag it in a heart beat. Also, as for differences, it also looks like the PC version has superior geometry on many objects. At the same time though, it doesn't matter because it was the older lightning system that made that complex geometry really pop out, ya know?
  5. Keep at it, man. I fucking love MGR. To tiny chopped up zandetsu pieces.
  6. Understandable, and thank you.
  7. Thanks much, man! Yes, this is my channel, and I do intend to keep up with old school titles. However, my next review will involve MGR. But I intend to focus on the classics more often than not.
  8. A retro review for Vagrant Story. I take a look at all of the elements of the game and address them one at a time. This was a labor of love over the course of a month and a half, I hope you enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZVnYaX9HHI
  9. http://www.youtube.com/user/PressXtoRemorse 100% game related, thoroughly variety focused... as much of an oxymoronic statement as that is. Currently I am working on a Vagrant Story review and a MGR:R PC version review. At the same time. I can also rub my tummy and pat my head simultaneously.
  10. With everything that I have been working on lately, I might not get to that point before DaSII is released. Looking forward to losing everything all day erry day till I am git gud. Also glorious elite knight armor making a return gets me excited to lose millions of souls in a NG+6 in the sequel.
  11. This. Requiem for a Dream was gonna be my pick, but you beat me to it. Thus, I henceforth dub thee as "The Man". Also Sunshine.
  12. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3. The fuck were they thinking?
  13. As someone already stated, FF has always been a roller coaster. The first I ever strongly disliked (story wise) was IV. I love the characters and the plot, but after it gets to a certain turning point (that of which I will not spoil, but I am sure most of you know precisely the moment I speak of) that was when I felt the writing went right out the window. Mind you, aside from the third act of IV (can something so long have a mere 3 acts?), I love the rest of it. V brought the focus back, and I loved Exdeath. 6 and 7 are equals in excellence, definitely the peak of the main numbered titles. And then, as you mentioned... 8 happened. No, wait. 8 didn't just "happen", it had actually "happened to us." No amount of time has healed the wounds of that game. I went back to it recently and dislike it just as much as I did when I was 13. 9 was killer, loved it. Then X kinda just happened to us. Again. granted, I will always defend X's combat as being fantastic. Because it is. Also Animus was fucking awesome. Oh, and the obligatory blah blah Auron is super cool etc etc. The last main numbered FF I actually loved was 12. I loved the gambit system, the characters (even the hollow exposition shells that went by the names of Vaan and Panelo). The world of Ivalice was realized to such an astounding extent, yadda yadda yadda I could go on for days about it. Now, actually getting to my point (I apologize it took me so long) 13 is fucking awful. Undoubtedly the worst we have ever endured. But, that being said, that hasn't axed my expectance of a great FF to exist ever again. Because, well, this shit's been "happening to us" for so long now. I cautiously anticipate XV. Oh, and Tactics is the greatest FF ever. TL;DR - LOVE IS A ROLLER COASTER AND MATSUNO IS THE MASTER OF VIDYA GAEMS
  14. I spit on the Tomb of Giants. I lost 90k souls there, it was heart breaking. Agreed on The Great Hollow, though. That place was undoubtedly nerve wracking to traverse. Especially with curse clouds and giant beefy FUCK YOU mushrooms. However, besting The Great Hollow was so worth it. Entering Ash Lake after that nightmare was such an awe inspiring reward. The scenery, the atmosphere, and dat soundtrack. Mmmph.
  15. For me, without question, the best RPG soundtrack goes to Final Fantasy Tactics. Hitoshi Sakimoto's work has been engraved into my skull. "The Pervert" is my go-to horror track. I gush every time I hear any track from the listing. Close second is Vagrant Story, which is also scored by Hitoshi Sakimoto.