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  1. Completed: RaidLand Platform: PC Raidland is not worth your time, even if it's free and 98 Megabytes. It arrived dead on arrival, the controls are awful and the game has next-to-no features. It gets repetitive within the first 2 games, with only 2 modes. "Greed" where you have to find gold from deposits and stay alive with it (you can be 1 shotted), most gold wins. "Team Greed" is the same but blue and red. I stomached it to the last rank and the system is downright unfair (the higher rank you get, the stronger your character is compared to other players). There are 3 classes, archer, warrior and berserker. Shift is meaningless and does not run- with 2/3 of the classes not even using shift for running and weirder things like that show it as an amateur project not worth any time.
  2. Completed: Half Life 2 Platform: PC Half Life: 2 remains a masterpiece, with solid controls, fluid combat and movement alongside the famous interaction system that games even to this day lack. Half life 2 is a wonderful game with a story that shouldn't be spoiled, however some things to note: Poor AI at times Some frustrating/confusing sections Poor music quality Not really top of the line graphics (with it's age thats kind of obvious) Completed: L4D2 Platform: PC Left 4 Dead 2 is a game that in my opinion is near-timeless. Though the servers for many modes and maps have been stagnating in modes such as Versus and the community from my experience is often toxic to an extreme, L4D2's singleplayer and base is still strong and well made. With visuals still good to this day, decent audio design and a rich-tense gameplay formula that's still being persued by great games such as Deep Rock Galactic to this very day. It is one of the arbiters and masters of the Horde Game genre and it will continue to be.
  3. Hi! I have been a proud viewer of AJS for AGES! (7-8 Years) I've always wondered if I could try contributing or getting a chance to engage into the community, as I expected it to be a critical and or entertaining group of people I could have fun with! (beg for games) And I thought that it was cool he set up a forum (where I could beg for games). So I decided to join the Forum (keeping it a secret from family) and call myself a proud (beggar for games) member of AJS (forums) and it's community! (beggar site-Alpha) I've been a person more obsessed with servers and communities, often being the forum junkie (beggar) and the type that would be too serious and fucked-up for any form of community-management and too fit for holding Damocle's Sword above someone's head over something. That helps when you're on those strange strange strange Military RP servers (the type that result in me being sent.... Interesting pictures) but not really with being nice or likable in any stretch of the imagination. At the same time I end up being a massacist- constantly returning to said place to be hated for being a dick and I found another colonization site! I'm a lover of games- spending most of my life playing games. Anyways- let's see how this goes!