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  1. Reference EA postponing micro-transactions with Battlefront II. Could potentially be a major milestone in the right direction, or much more likely, it is a publicity stunt to attempt to con the masses into another snake oil sale. Actually, this was not difficult to figure out. Battlefront and CoD WWII were both getting hammered by the YouTubers and EA thinks they can pull one over on Activision by pretending to be the good guy. essay writer Or, is it to just get through the holiday season..
  2. Just watched Delrith’s (sp?) impressions video of Wolcen. He filmed it twice because he noted the frustration he had the first time with the game not working. In the video he released, he acknowledged that, but didn’t let it overshadow his review. As a consumer it matters to me how a game works on day one...if I’ve bought it on day one. But if a game doesn’t work on day one, yet it’s awesome when it does work, I want to know that too. His reviews are always well-rounded, informative, and his personality shows through. As the title suggests, I wish they would do a t-shirt like that because I would definitely get it. Like one of those old bob Marley shirts in the vain of Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd design characteristics, but with his face like the mountain man and the aforementioned slogan or something even better.omegle discord xender