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  1. is it? it feels kinda weird, does not it? this is probably the ultimate feasible public appearance for sakurai beneath the damage bros flag. that is the final dlc individual coming to final. we might get a future ruin bros recreation (i suggest, i'll be legitimately amazed if we do not), however i doubt they may have the power to carry all of us again, so this remaining person feels unique, be it a person each person expected, someone everybody did not care approximately or someone that reputable no even notion about. i am hoping they make a brand new trailer for wreck bros ultimate, with the same vein as the "all and sundry is right here" one from the primary monitor. what do you guys think? and the way are you feeling approximately it?
  2. Been watching AJ for many years and it's taken a while but recently things have started to 'gel' ...and there's a lot of gel! I'm sure even Delrith has some stashed away somewhere I'm really enjoying AJS News, the chemistry between everyone seems to work well, the content is informative, consistent and delivered with 'character' ...I appreciate AJ's shoutiness can be a little jarring at times but then he's Angry Joe! And even Other Joe seems to be settling in. He's a funny fucker! Perhaps that's why AJ wanted him in. I assume they are good friends and there's no doubt he helps a lot in other area's but for a while, he seemed a bit out place. I thought maybe he was there to provide input from a 'non-gamers' perspective and that could work, to help those who don't speak the hardore lingo, but by being involved so much he's actually becoming quite the competent gamer? It's sort of defeats the purpose. I often see posts about 'why is Other Joe involved' but I think it's just taken a while for him to 'relax' and be the person that AJ knows him as. It's all looking rather positive. Just wanted to say.