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  1. I am using Secret Labs Titan. Expensive, but decent adjustable lumbar support, memory foam head support pillow, adjustable arm rests, tilts, etc. I could actually sleep in this thing (and have come close while watching movies), because it can tilt all the way backwards if you adjust it to. I have the black version with the golden 'T' logo, so it's not a bright colored sporty chair, it actually blends in perfectly with my black desk and black furniture. If you are looking for affordable options then i would recommend ficmax gaming chair and you can see complete details of it here https://www.reviewsed.com/ficmax-gaming-chair-review/
  2. I was really disappointed with FO4 at first when i started after reading fallout games reviews, just wasn't what I expected. But I'm replaying it now, and it's a great game just wish it wasn't "rpg lite" But it's cool that each game tries to do something a little different, and they all excel in different areas. Definitely my favorite franchise of the last decade.
  3. I say that you should be careful and adopt safety precautions. Not forself but for your family. I know there is not much corono do to the young blood but still you have to pace that 15 days period and for importantly i amy cause a huge life threat to your parents and other older citizens in your family. So keep your self safe and must saty at home.