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  1. Well I've been playing Phantasy Star Online 2 since the Closed Beta came out, and I say this is a great place for the Angry Army to congregate now that it's moved on to Open Beta on the Xbox One. I may be in an alliance now, essay writer but I'm willing to jump ship to the Angry Army alliance at any time. But, you may want to wait until tomorrow because today's a maintenance day.
  2. Title. I recently found someone on the gamefaqs forum (yes yes I know, the gamefaqs community forum is awful), bashing the community of a game which I never thought someone would say has a bad community. omegle discord xender I mean this community has never had drama that I'm aware of, and it has a fanbase dedicated enough to make a free translation patch for 2 of the largest games (text to translate wise) ever, with its old vets being active in multiple discussion forums answering all the questions everyone has, even the ones they've seen hundreds of times with patience and understanding. But.. according to some dude on the net, the community is awful. I'm not here to defend that specific community though. I find that EVERY game community gets shat on by people. Take the dark souls community. They're cool to hate on, and everyone claims they're nothing but a bunch of bots spamming everyone with 'git gud'. But the fact is if you have an issue with the game and want advice, people will no doubt give it. If you have a less than great opinion about some aspect of the game that seems relevant to the topic at hand, or even if you just want to review the game and point out some flaws in a constructive manner, people listen. But if you go on making wild claims like the game is poorly designed and only a masochist enjoys it, git guds will be seen, and frankly that response is more respectable than that which they were targeting. Dark souls isn't the only one, but it is one of the best examples of a community many people seem to loathe that really isn't bad at all IMO. There are some communities which even I think is a dark horrible place, namely DoTA (and even then that was during warcraft 3, I have no idea what modern dota players are like now), and often PVP sub-communities within games that aren't strictly pvp.