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  1. didn't all that Drama, trouble, issues, missmanagement, etc... started way back during ThatGuyWithTheGlasses and BlisteredThumbs? Back then already people started to leave like MMOGrinder, Handsome Tom & 8bit Mickey, iRate Gamer, etc...
  2. Win movie maker.
  3. i liked it. A honest Review.
  4. Dragonball Z Dokkan Battle. Even more additcting than Xenoverse XD
  5. yep. i second that. I personally like games like "easy to learn, hard to master".
  6. that reminds me of a Youtube Reviewer who said a while ago: " Videogames back then were hard, unforgiving and frustrating. Games were made for the Hardcores, the Elites and the Pros. You learned to had Machine like Reflexes and inhuman reactions. Until the Industry made Video games accessible for the other 6.5 billion Casuals out there, that still can't hit the broad side of the Great Wall of China".
  7. well, i am playing the Witcher 3 at the moment, if mates / friends don't call me for a MP game in CSGO, BF1, Overwatch, Titanfall 2 etc... i bought 7 games on the Sale and still have over 500 untouched Games, so....till Winter Sale i am fine XD
  8. bought 6 games for 46€. Kinda dissapointing sale. Many games on my list have better prices on GoG, not to mention Keystores. Hope that Winter Sale has better Deals. wait a sec. Need to calm down my Wallet. It's partying hard.
  9. wallets will puke. Paypal Accounts will Cry.
  10. just quoting myself: Take 2 CEO recently said that they still didn't reach the maximum potential of Microtransactions. So everyone who can add 1 and 1 together will get it, that getting rid of modding (even in SP) is the next logical step to increase money. It's all business / capitalism. I bet all the people who have the pirated GTAV Version will laugh their asses off now. oh yeah and now Bethesda tries it with paid Mods again. Well i see where this all is going. The complete death of modding. Well the gaming industry managed to kill the second hand / used games market on PC so killing off mods won't be much harder.
  11. GTA 2 and San Andreas because of....nostalgia
  12. and those Rant Videos about hose Bullshit business practice of some Devs and Publisher (Marvel vs Capcom 3, etc...). What i am still missing, is the 2nd year AJSA anniversary Contest Winner announcement. But seems like that we (and this whole site) are dead for Joe.
  13. that's sad. I enjoyed your topics and posts.
  14. my list of games that might suck or even kill the franchise (hope not) - Mass Effect Andromeda - Dawn of War 3 - Prey - Descent Underground - Aquanox Deep Descent - Outcast 2nd contact - Mechwarrior 5 - Blitzkrieg 3 - Star Citizen - Destiny 2