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  1. tetris 99 is tied to the nintendo transfer on line provider, once the carrier goes down tetris ninety nine will die and i certainly do not assume that nintendo will re launch tetris 99 ever again so if you want tetris 99 remember that you don't were given a lot time due to the fact nintendo declared in 2020 that the nintendo switch is within the center of his lifestyles you purchased only a few years to play this super game earlier than it is going away for all time, let that sink in.
  2. We want a short sweet and replayable dungeon crawler, unlike most peoples taste we aren't into games like diablo or divinity original sin 2, more like; Enter the Gungeon or crawl! something cartoony, not overserious, something that's not over complicated and will take too long to figure out. if you have any games that come to mind we would love to hear them. would prefer 2-4 players, and pretty easier to get down controls, was hoping to play with my twin sister as well. thanks10. happymod