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  1. I know people in the industry. I know it is true. To make things easier to understand, there are 3 main types of developers: 1. AAA (expensive as hell) 2. Independent (veterans who have left the AAA) 3. Indie (self taught or schooled, never involved with AAA) (could also be refereed to as 'home brew', as people get confused between 2 & 3) The problem right now, is that indie games is seen as a mixture of 2 & 3. As in, all indie game developers are the same thing. When in reality, it's safe to say that 2 & 1 are actually the same things. Also, when a true indie developer 'makes it', as in sells millions of copies, then there are basically AAA. How else do people define success? It's sad. It seems people are so confused. If you're a reviewer who claims to indie games, it helps to actually research who the actual developers are. Also keep in mind that - these days, companies get away with making fake reviews. They know how to get around loopholes in the law. Final note: 'Industry Standard' is a lie. It is a 'Monopoly' in disguise. Looking at you Adobe. If someone claims to be industry standard, they have an agenda. If everyone believes that 1 software package is the ONLY thing that will suffice, they are liars. If certain software packages are turned into 'a must', to get a simple job, it's a Monopoly. A lie. A farce. Wake up. Stop being pawns to creepy nerds who do not have good intentions. All they want is your money, and a Monopoly over industry. Which true Capitalism, does not, has not, will not ever support. And now we have video game reviewers who constantly rant on about how bad AAA games are, instead of helping the true indies. All I am saying, is give true indies a chance.
  2. ...AJ, please just ignore AAA (or just make the reviews for them like under 5 mins. Fu*&'em) The public needs you for exposure. As the only 'real' advertising, is giving Google or Facebook even more money, they don't even need. YouTube gets a few billion a year but they can't even implement basic stuff? Come on now. & Yes, I am basically yelling at you. I've emailed many 'top you-tubers', they must be too busy, or get too many emails because they hardly respond. They have enough time, to play AAA games, and get frustrated. Is the community awful? Well, believe it or not, the community is what you make it. WOW hu? Mind blowing stuff right there. I could easily say, it's all awful. I'm starting to hate you tubers for constantly falling into the trap of AAA. It's just the same thing over & over again.