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  1. From the album Terminator Resistance

    In the mission, you play as the Terminator itself hunting humans and their Commander as you go you find fallen terminators where you pick up health packs, intel off of dead humans you kill as well as going to places on the map finding weapons, etc. All in all, it's about 45min but I like taking time as I cannot get enough of the Terminator world I go for playing over 2 hours each time. There are also secrets to be found on the map.
  2. I don't know if it's on Console but you can get it on steam for PC. It plays like a turn-based game. Starts in Seattle with a story-driven concept. The first story is called Deadmans Switch your best friend just died and has called you from the grave to hire you to find his killer in Seattle. You are a Courier a killer for hire and an investigator you are a Shadow Runner stay in the shadows but if spotted... run. For me, it is a 7 maybe a 8 for the base storyline but with steam, you can spend hours to weeks playing it. For fans of the 90's original, it's good. I hope you guys check it out, you can also see some gameplay on youtube.
  3. Hello, my name Thomas and am only here to be a grunt gamer. Just someone who is interested in games and not much else. I stick to shooters and some fighting like MK or Soul Caliber. I am deep into Shadowrun Returns I hope Angry Joe reviews it if he hasn't already. I also liked Terminator Resistance. colmoseley33 (steam PC) moseley666 (origin PC) fallentemplar13 (PSN) MRMOSELEY81 (XBOX LIVE) I'll see you in the next game.