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  1. I have a few groups I've played with. my steam name is archinstinct92. Same name on discord; look on my profile for my discord ID. I don't mind playing when I'm free.
  2. PS1 memories... let's see... I was young, so it was my brother's console and his games. I have memories of WWF, GTA 2, and Resident Evil 3. I remember RE3 horrifying my 7 year old self. I remember spamming the fart button on GTA 2 and solely backing the Z faction. I remember somehow beating my sibling by mashing only the kick button, making them rage because they would pull fancy moves and here I am winning by kicking their fighters repeatedly in the groin. Good times.
  3. Agreed. It seems like a cash grab IMO.
  4. This is a simple forum game. You make a post and the number increases by 1. Either the last person to post for a month or the first to reach 5000 shall win! Begin! 1.
  5. "Comfort food"
  6. Same. I've been a long-time fan of the show, and I always find the reviews entertaining and informative! Looking forward to represent the AJSA!