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  1. Welcome to the AJ Army. I’m still pretty new here too so thought I’d just reach out and say hello there. Hope you are doing well . Stay safe
  2. Okay. This might sound like whining but oh well. As someone who has trained in martial arts, I can say this movie saying the things it did is full of $);&. Anyone who has done tai chi itself knows ‘chi’ is not a ‘ super power’ that in itself should be very offensive to Asian culture. Then they take two of the best martial artists today and toss them in there for fan service? Donnie Yen and Jet Li? That’s a shoe in for at least one epic fight. Yeah, not throwing my money down the drain to watch this. I think I’ll hit up the originals or some clone wars...Sorry for the rant.
  3. It’s nice to connect to other gamers. If anyone wants to mp I’m HorrorWoman ( not whore lol. Heard that joke a few times) for both Xbox and PS4 nice to meet you.
  4. Hey there everyone. Just thought I’d say hello. I hope everyone is doing well and am happy to be here in a great community of people. If anyone wants to chat feel free to hit me up. Take care everyone:)
  5. This may be more a question to those who have played the original game and know the full cast but any FF noobs are welcome For the next game in the new FF7 series, its uncertain how many new characters we will see given how much content the game put just into Midgar. Anyone here have any characters they are looking forward to seeing? I’d say I’m most looking forward to Mr. Valentine