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  1. The title of this thread is 'looking for good strategy games', so idk if this goes here... Because it is still in development, somewhat buggy. Not the easiest thing to play, as yet. The idea is that you play as the master Vampire, and can turn humans to your side. The budget for this so far, has not been much. And it probably shows, but... https://tobop.itch.io/necuratu-rts
  2. I've developed this game over time. Currently, on development hold - but it still works https://tobop.itch.io/blackhooks-challenge
  3. Amazing amount of work, and look fun to play.
  4. Everything is a risk. It took me years to get investing with companies all set up, and it's been very interesting to see the returns. I recommend investing with companies that offer 'dividends'. I'm not a financial advisor, lol. I am currently holding onto what I've got, and trying to develop games. Which is a whole other investment of pain. Good fun though.
  5. I just saw the video about the upcoming VTM: Bloodlines 2 game, and it reminded me of why I wanted to develop Necuratu in the 1st place. There's been many games featuring vampires, sure but none of them to my knowledge were dedicated to vampires as well as being a real time strategy game. Necuratu has been in development for a few months now (probably for a year or 2, on and off) with 2 developers. Myself and a programmer from Uganda. There's a lot to do in the future but I'd like to share this in its current stage to test the water, see if people like the current setup, sift through the various glitches, etc before going through the process of uploading to Steam. This could take years to develop, depending on so many variables. Free demo & full version here: https://tobop.itch.io/necuratu-rts Preview from the link above: Take on the role of an ancient vampire, Klaif who has been looted by some greedy humans. His loved one has been abducted and you must find her. You start off in a graveyard, somewhere near Rome during the night. The whole area has changed since Klaif was on the surface. You decide who lives, dies or is turned to your clan. As of 1.45-6, you are able to hire the Stigoi and Aswang vampire types. Humans can also be 'turned' into vampires. All units have different costs and different resistance to the burning sun and moving speed. But at the moment, all of them have the same magical abilities. They can use a spell for haste, create the illusion of being a human and transform into a bat. Humans in the game are either unarmed, or armed with crucifixes and pistols to defend themselves.
  6. Hi from Melbourne Australia I've been enjoying AJS for a while now, and I've been meaning to actually get around to signing up to the forum. So here I am. Keep up the good work Joe & team.