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  1. Have you ever record your phone calls? What apps did you use?
  2. I think the biggest issue in calling vs. texting is age. There is the 20 and below crowd that grew up with texting, the 30 and over crowd that didn't, and us weirdos in the middle.
  3. What do you prefer texting or calling? Why?
  4. What's your best dating advice? The best dating advice I’ve ever received it’s simple really: if it’s not a FUCK YES from them, it’s a no. If someone is into you, you would know, which is why “mixed signals” are also a no. Why waste time on people who aren’t super fucking excited to be with you? Anything less isn’t good enough for you!
  5. she's so hot! I like watching porn with hot chicks to boost testosterone level. Esp I like watching videos on pornfxx.me for that purpose. I think such videos can help to bring more passion into relationship.
  6. What apps do you use the most? What are your favs?
  7. What are your thoughts about online dating?
  8. I like New Vegas too, it's quite entertaining