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  1. I hope Joe see's this and make a video about it. Let's say i make video game and i want to promote it. I pay my guys to make the footage and i pay a music band, to use their song in the video, so my trailer now it's a " Promotional material". I post my trailer on youtube, i get 1 milion views, and it's nice. A big youtuber reacts to my video and his video get's 10 million views. So my trailer got to 11 mil potential customers. The video of the youtuber, that reacted to my trailer ( PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL), get's demonetization and he takes it down,do to the music being copyrighted, EVEN DO , ME AS A COMPANY ALREADY PAYED THE OWNER OF THE SONG TO USE IT IN THE TRAILER. So my trailer has now only the initial 1 million views and 10 million potential customers lost cuz of someone that wanted to take the rent money from a youtuber. So my question is...... EA, UBISOT, ACTIVISION and all others.....why do u let ppl fuck you over and block your " promotional material" reach million of potential customers since you already payed for the song to be used within your trailer in correlation with your footage. It's like offering flyers for your Pizza shop at a corner and the company that printed the flyers collect them at the next corner, cuz the paper it's theirs, even do u already payed for it. Also, big company's, if you are the ones reporting the videos for copyright, you are plain stupid, the whole point of making the trailer it's to reach as many ppl as possible, by any means. Looking forward to a video about this, P.S. You guys are great, i'm watching your videos for 7 years now.