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    I used to be a complete nerd at school.  You'd always find me with my head buried in a textbook while hidden away in the library.  I was the student who would always raise her hand to answer the teacher's question.  I study even when we don't have exams scheduled the next day.  I was always the first one to pass a custom research paper requirement (a day ahead of the deadline).  Simply put, I was a complete dork.
It was only during my third year when I deviated from my regular choice of reading materials and went beyond textbooks and school readings.  I got into Asian dramas and eventually decided to write Asian dramas on my own.  I also found myself inspired by the fanfics I've read online.  I just amazes me how imaginative some fans could get over their fics.
So now I find myself in this community of fic writers where we can share ideas and pieces.  Can't wait to upload my works here https://www.bestessaytips.com/review_essay.php!