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  1. I'm back in the forums after a loooooooong while, it's nice to have you guys back. I still remember the destiny 1 vanilla days
  2. Do you have preferred genres? Add Horizon Zero Dawn, Until Dawn, Ni-Oh, Yakuza, and Persona 5.
  3. PSN ID: noyram23 Currently playing: Destiny 2, Yakuza 0, Odin Sphere, and tons more on the backlog Planning to play: The nearest would be Ni No Kuni 2 or the Dragon Quest 12 System: PS4 Pro, PC, Switch, and old every old ones up to SNES Add me on rooms and community. I've been a member here since this forum started but got busy.
  4. I cheesed Eileen when she was outside the Cathedral Ward, I REALLY WANTED her armor set so eh I killed her which was a huge mistake considering that she has a great Rune reward on her quest. I'm still playing the game and started a skill build even though I platinumed it already, first time I did that on any game. I really wanted a DLC for this especially that FROM produces DLC which imo better than their main game.
  5. Yeah I do agree that they follow up this game rather than another Souls like game or better yet another new IP using this is a template. A cyber punk souls or steam punk, man I would love that I LOVE NPC/HUNTER FIGHTS, especially when you're handling 2 or 3 of them plus mobs. It's significant upgrade to the fake invasions we have on Souls, they're a bit cheap (can't use vials usually since they shoot you on that) but man when you're handling 3 of them and you're dodging around it feels like a gaming high. The loading times though are a pain especially when you have nothing to see on screen other than the logo, they should have put something like lores on items you have or NPC like Demon Souls. It feels like an extra punishment on your mistake :/
  6. To be honest I don't care in fact I really love to have a new Mass Effect, Gears of Wars, and Uncharted Remasters. And It's not that we're not getting new games, in fact we got a lot of great games this March only. It cost little man power, makes devs accustomed to a new hardware, and they earn money which could probably fund new games, and people who haven't played those games can finally play it. It's not like we're being force to it. Video Suggestion: I don't agree with the guy above that you have a gimmick persona, I think being honest is what really matters and i'm not really watching AngryJoe etc because of their persona rather it's their insight and reaction to the industry
  7. Playing this game made me feel like playing Demon Souls the first time again, which never happened with Dark Souls 1 and especially 2. Outside of the horrible loading times and my preference on Estus system rather than vials/grass I think this game is nearly perfect. You can definitely feel Miyazaki's touch on it which sorely lacks on Dark Souls 2, the funny thing is the Chalice Dungeons (worst dungeons in game imo but then again this are randomly generated) feels like Dark Souls 2. The biggest problem I have with the game is that I will hate playing the older Souls game combat mechanics again. I love this game's combat, it's faster, risky and aggressive. I really wanted another Bloodborne 2-esque rather than the inevitable Dark Souls 3.
  8. Abhorrent Beast Tips (AKA my favorite boss)
  9. Overall, a terrible boss fight that wasn't fun at all, imo. Is this the Great Ihyll Chalice Version? I have additional tips
  10. Love the whole thing argetlam Info though, actually the Player/Hunter went to Yharnam to look for the Paleblood ("seek the paleblood to transcend the hunt"). The question is what are the Palebloods and basically what is this "transcending". My guess that the Paleblood are the Pthumerians/Great Ones themselves or maybe specifically the Moon Presence and the "transcend" is the transformation to being a great one. The turn to larva-thing after defeating the Moon Presence is considered to be the true ending which I think means that the ending in which you the hunter achieved your personal goal which is to seek the paleblood to transcend the hunt. I also love the "Insight" mechanice on how it ties to everything and how it opposes the "Beasthood". Having a 40+ Insight, you can easily see the Amygdala(s?) even without defeating Rom.
  11. Same here, I played the whole game offline (PS Plus expired XD) and I definitely prefer that experience. Bell Ringing are a pain though especially the ones on chalice dungeons who kept summoning the spiders while you're being ganked by Werewolves, Dogs, and those duel wielding speedy guys.
  12. There's duping glitch???? FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU--- It might have saved me going through tons of Lower Loran chalice for Red Jelly (I recreated my first Chalice and so on to produce a chest with it). Oh well at least i'm pretty proud to plat it solo and no duping glitch but still thinking about battling Abhorrent Beast and Amygdala so many times can be mind numbing And what's the deal with Queen of Yharnam being one of the easiest boss of the whole game? I was so disappointed in the fight to be honest.
  13. No I didn't say that you need to have a perfect playstyle in order to finish the game what I meant is that I don't use shields on souls and mostly rely on dodging which perfectly blends with Bloodborne. I got a lot of my friends finding the game difficult due to board and sword playstyle they have on Souls, they play so cautiously in this game to their detriment. This is especially true on defiled/cursed high depth chalices (*ehem* Abhorrent Beast *ehem*) in which you need to rely on perfect dodges even on max Vit or else you're gonna be one shotted. Few Tips that could probably help (pretty sure most of you know this but it might help someone): - It's easier to dodge towards your enemy (20 degrees left or right), this is my early mistake since i'm use to backpedalling and back dodging on souls. - Buy vials/bullets on your remaining echoes after levelling up etc - Enemies/boss the same size as or smaller can be parried, bigger than that can be staggered by targetting limbs. - Don't auto target huge bosses (Great Ihyll's Amygdala *ugh*) so you can easily manage the camera - If you are having a hard time with a boss just try going through Chalice (that is if you already defeated BSB), you'll find tons of items plus a lot of souls (deep ones allow you to finish around 350k+ souls per run or even higher) - I platinumed the whole game offline to avoid invasion which can be annoying (also my PS Plus expired ) - Practice parrying since this is really needed on hunter battles and few bosses - Don't think about your blood echoes, if you lost them it's ok, you can gain a lot more if needed. Just remember to realize what your mistake is - Find your favorite weapon which covers most of your needs and master their movesets especially that you can only have 1 +10 weapon in the game (Blood Rocks can be found on Chalice but I haven't found anything after entering a lot of them) Who's the hardest boss for you guys? For me it's Father G. to be honest, his battle is pretty much a trial by fire for me. After that I adjusted perfectly with Bloodborne's play style
  14. Finally Platinumed the game and ready to talk about it. It's a blast man and my souls playstyle fits perfectly with the game.
  15. Hey everyone, it's been a loooooooooong time since I last posted. Got busy with life in general. I platinumed: Bloodborne FF Type 0 Far Cry 4