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  1. Welcome to the AJSA levi! Join our discord, it's where most activity takes place now!
  2. Hi

    Welcome to the AJSA southdog! I'm sure your graphics talents would be appreciated over on our discord! https://discordapp.com/invite/0iHbkwYao3Pl1zdj
  3. ajsa

    Ah, there's not going to be any sequel. The devs stated the Little Nightmares series is complete.
  4. This was a great show to follow and I'm glad to have seen the end first hand.
  5. Crowfall looks like it's inspired by WoW a lot. I'll wait and see how these games turn out before I think about playing any of them.
  6. Restore to factory settings. It'll wipe out ALL the data on your computer so backup what you need to save. The factory reset will wipe whatever is wrong with your PC software.
  7. If it's in boot up menu, just run it normally.
  8. Nice! Thanks for the post Kaz! I'll give this game a look.
  9. ajsa

    Grand Theft Auto 5 Platform: Xbox One I'd beaten it before, but it's been YEARS. I'm glad I spent half a week binging the main story again. Deathwish ending, ofc.
  10. Are you guys on the discord yet? GET IN THERE!
  11. Hmm. You raise a valid concern. Money doesn't grow on trees. You also got to realize that AngryJoe plays the newest of the new games, because chiefly he can with all the support we give him financially. The rest of us though are stuck in mid range, as you put it. Maybe it's time we focused on longevity with our AJSA guilds and groups. There'll always new recruits since people have time to catch up.
  12. Another year, another thread. Same deal. Anybody want to bet on when they'll finally fix the DMR in warzone? Quote from Legolas_Katarn, the AJSA peep who made the last thread. 2020 thread can be found here: angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/topic/43763-games-beaten-by-the-ajsa-2020/
  13. IDK what happened with my old account. It's probably still around. You peeps will know and recognize my name from twitch mostly. I've gamed with a few of you. Hello! This will be my new, main account on here. The old one, if it's still active, is now abandoned. Be sure to check THIS account for my updated account IDs, gamertags, usernames, etc.