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  1. Hello i want to know if anyone is willing to play through the campaign with me. I am not very good at the game if someone else joins me i can do it on normal/hard. I can do it on normal but I dont like to kill waves or enemys on my own. That is why i want to know if people want to help me. thanks
  2. Hello I am also looking for people to play with. Ill add you my name is MUNDICiiDE
  3. Is it just me or the sith seem to over power the Jedi. I am level 14 on sith and can easily defeat level 14-16 mobs while with my jedi I am level 16 and it takes longer to kill same levelled enemy
  4. OMG, I recently started playing this game! I hope that the AJSA will be part of this game so that we could rule servers in either Imperial side or the republic side.
  5. Welcome then stay as long as you like
  6. Hello ane Welcome Soldier
  7. Hello my name is MUNDICiiDE and I like came to this site because I wanted to become a better gamer ( not yell, blame lagg, people etc) I do not consider myself a hardcore gamer I consider myself more of a casual gamer. I mean I have school homework and not BF4 I do have a decent PC but not enough to call me a hardcore gamer. if I had no school and BF4 you would be talking a very good BF4 player. Every time I put time into some games I get better until I find it boring because I don't get angry or challenged. When I play I need the feel to get challenged and become as good or better then the opponent. Anyway here I am part of the AJSA and hopefully this will become the biggest gaming community ever! PS: for those who want to know my specs here they are Graphics: MSI GTX 660 ti Processor: Intel 3470 @ 3.2Ghz Ram: 8GB HDD: 1 TB SSD: 120GB Case: Cooler Master HAF 922 Screens: Two Samsung 22" 1080p Peripherals: Razor Naga MMOG 2012, Corsair k95 Keyboard and GX Gaming Mordax Headset