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  1. A new YouTube video was uploaded to Star Citizen, introducing the game’s first refinery ship, the MISC Expanse. This should eliminate the need for players to fly to a planet after mining. There is also a preview of the upcoming Alpha 3.17 from the developers. First of all, the video reveals the first dedicated refinery ship, the MISC Expanse, which will let players refine mined materials directly in space instead of having to return to a space station. The second half of the video gives a visual overview of many of the new features coming in alpha 3.17, including ship-to-ship refueling, loot generation, a major integration of Quanta background simulation technology to power commodity prices, new hospitals, and the balancing of several status effects, among other things. The next alpha version has no set release date, but it does include several features that players can see in the video below. However, the video does not mention a release date for the new alpha. The targeted first quarter has been completed since Friday, and so far neither the update nor the exact release changelog have been published. Hopefully the delay won’t be too long, so Star Citizen fans will soon be able to try out the new features for themselves. Yes, it is correct! MassivelyOP has rebranded as Massively Overpawered, giving you all the latest MMO news as well as funny animal videos that have nothing to do with the news! Some of them, at the very least, might be involved. MMOs sometimes have adorable pets. The most essential thing is to watch attractive videos! Instead of getting mired down in specifics, let’s concentrate on that. With a complete roster of legitimate sellers worldwide, there is no doubt that you will find the best deals here! And Z2U.com allows every users to place their Star Citizen UEC on our marketplace, and here, you can set your own price. To sell your products, https://www.z2u.com/star-citizen-global/Gold-1-1495 allows you to free register as a seller and post for-sale offers.
  2. Puzzles & Survival is a mashup of two of cellular gaming’s most lauded style’s – base constructing and match-three puzzler RPG’s.Match-3 Puzzle meets Strategy! Solve the mysteries and build an impenetrable sanctuary. The future of humanity is in your hands. Puzzles & Survival offers players with a huge selection of activities to take part in even at the early part of the game. To make it easier, all the activities you can participate in can be classified into 3 groups. The very first one connect to the growth and advancement of your base, that includes building and construction and upgrade of centers, training different heroes and units, and performing research study to enhance every element of your efficiency. Listed below are the highest 5 suggestions, tips, and cheats it’s essential know for Puzzles & Survival: 1. Follow the Objectives At the bottom left of the screen, you will see a notepad with a title, this is your current set of objectives. And for best progress, especially early in the game, we recommend you follow and complete the tasks on this list before doing other things, you don-t necessarily have to follow them in order, and some tasks you will find that you cannot complete right away and some pre-requisite objectives may need to be met first, but the game holds your hand in that respect, and you are guided to what you need to do before you are able to complete an objective with the 'Go' icon. 2. Carry on Constructing, Upgrading, and Researching These are the forms of duties that ought to all the time be within the strategy of working when you are inclined to Puzzles & Survival different duties. The sport tends to push you in the fitting route on the subject of making additional progress by inserting two goal tabs on the underside left nook of your base display. So ensure to comply with the recommendation seen on these two tabs so you’ll be able to all the time construct in the direction of one thing larger and analysis new advantages that can make your base much more formidable. Incomes participant EXP and a number of the higher rewards within the sport comes from merely finishing the targets tied to every subsequent chapter. 3. Keep Your Facilities Among the core factors of how well you can make progress in any base-building MMO method game depends on your capability to multitask. It can be a little frustrating in the beginning, specifically if you are a novice in the category, however in a little bit of time, biking throughout each center and processing line ends up being a regular that anybody can quickly handle. 4. Hyperlink Up with an Lively Alliance As Quickly as Doable! • When you’ve unlocked the flexibility to affix an alliance, ensure to align with one as quickly as you’ll be able to. You don’t wish to miss out on all the good advantages that include working alongside an energetic alliance. You may ask your fellow alliance mates for assist if you’re making an attempt to hurry up the completion time on constructing, researching, and coaching duties. 5. FRIENDS OR FOES – No one can survive alone, fight alongside your allies – Watch out for potential threats, be they zombies or humans Now is the best time to store the cheap Puzzles and Survival Accounts provided by z2u.com for your superstar players. Our delivery is guaranteed to be completed fast, no lie, no defraud, once your order has a mistake like order delayed, we assume full responsibility. All Puzzles & Survival Accounts we sell are absolutely secure, from the supply and delivery, there is no any robotic process, and you completely eliminate the risk of your account being blocked. Wish you a satisfactory trading period on z2u.com.