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  1. Greetings my friends, i'm hoping to upgrade my graphics card so i can play some of the current gen games, but i was wondering what would be a good one to buy, and thanks for taking time to do this for me!
  2. So everyone remembers the lovely people of Digital Homicide who threw a tantrum when Jim Sterling criticize there game The Slaughtering Ground and the more of their other one off games. How they sued for 10 million dollars, yeah well now it seems even the little guys aren't safe from Digital Homicide. They are now suing Steam users for negative reviews on their games: https://100001.onl/ https://1921681254.mx/
  3. Ok so I'm building a PC for the first time and i would like to know some peoples opinions on the parts I'm planning on buying and if you want you guys can give me pointers and tips on stuff Here's da build: https://snaptube.cam/
  4. So im not sure if im just getting older, but the new games coming out are just not fun. the last good games ive played were skyrim and oblivion. call of duty 4 had a great story and good multi-player. Ever since those games I just get bored. I played witcher 3 for about 10 minuets on my friends xbox and witcher 2 wont work on my machine so i cant judge them. Even if the witcher is amazing thats only one new good game! So am i just falling out of love with gaming or are others noticing this?
  5. Destiny and Halo 5 Been a Destiny player since day one and hated the game because I was solo (and hence couldn't do the Raids), so I was perpetually stuck at low levels and had crap equipment. Then I came back for TTK and loved the campaign, but still never got to play endgame content, got burned out again, and left it bitter. I've now recently discovered LFG and Sherpa subs, and I'm raiding several times a week, played all the old Raids for kicks, and have made more progress on my level/gear in a week than I had in the last six months solo. Super hooked on the game and just fucking love it now. I've never played an FPS with such outstanding teamwork and puzzle solving mechanics like you get in the raid. Plus, he never did re-visit the game or update his verdict, which is a shame since they did fix many of the issues he had (and created many more to be fair). He should at least play TTK, do the raids (with his social following, he should have no problem with this), and re-evaluate it #C1C1C1 https://19216801.onl/ https://routerlogin.uno/. As for Halo 5, yeah the story was super disappointing. However, the sandbox 343 has created and the meticulous balance they have achieved in multiplayer is outstanding and in my opinion, the absolute best in the franchise. Even in the campaign, the level design and enemy encounters (except for Warden) are fantastic, well crafted, and fun to play. Warzone is a great addition and a fun casual multiplayer option for when you're not in the mood to sweat. What really sold me on the game was watching the Halo 5 X-Games tournament and seeing just how well made the multiplayer is. Makes me want to get better at the game and play more competitively.
  6. Hello Everyone,, I’m really new here and I’ve been watching angry joe since 2017 I’m very grateful that I joined the angry joe army. https://19216801.onl/ https://routerlogin.uno/