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  1. Players may collect a library of songs in Lost Ark that function as special abilities. Some teleport characters to predetermined locations, while others may discover hidden passageways. Many songs are acquired naturally as the story progresses, but others need some effort. Song of Temptation is one of them. In this Lost Ark guide, we will be talking about how you can get this song. This unique melody helps in boosting rapport with some NPCs in the game. However, unlike other songs, this song does not come as a quest reward. Instead, you must fill 50% of the Adventurer’s Tome in Yudia to do so. Yudia is a small continent, so it shouldn’t take you too long to get to 50% here. Certain activities will help you fill your Adventurer’s Tome. These activities include: Unlocking fast travel points Completing the main story for this continent Completing dungeons Examining Vistas Finding the Triports Finding Food Items Once you have completed these activities, go to the Yudia section of tome and click on the Item Icon. Now click on the “Claim All” button and right-click the item once it’s in your inventory to learn it. That is all you need to know about How to get song of Temptation in Lost Ark. If you like this article, you can visit our website and check out our other in-depth Lost Ark guides. Also, you can buy lost ark gold here. It’s cheap, safe and fast. So what are you waiting for? Buy now!
  2. As expected, Madden 22 gets a much-anticipated update. In this article, we’re excited to share with you details about some new equipment, so without further ado, let’s open up the locker and see what’s inside for Madden NFL 22! Let’s start with one of our most fan-requested additions: mouthpieces. While EA Sports added an initial offering of mouthpieces via Title Update in Madden NFL 21. In Madden 22, all the primary and secondary team colors will be supported across all modes. This includes both NFL players and created characters. Furthermore, this will be across current-gen and last-gen consoles. Another fan-favorite feature coming to Madden 22 is fully functional sock height customization, including all striped socks. This means no matter how an NFL player likes to wear his socks or how you, the gamer, want to customize socks, all sock types in the game will respect the proper sock height across default, low and high. EA has also added new color variations of arm tape and offers both short and long variations for different styles in the tape length. New smoked and dark Oakley visor variations have also been added as options to customize helmet looks. Speaking of helmets, various new facemasks we saw being used by NFL players have been added into the facemask library. Here’s a full list of all the new facemasks you’ll see in the customization menus: Speedflex 2 Bar WR Revospeed Robot Cage Speedflex Jewel Speedflex Robot 808 Xenith Prowl Speedflex Robot Z Speedflex Halfcage 2 Vicis Kicker To finish off player gear, here are the new cleats and gloves being added to Madden 22: Adidas Updated Adizero Gloves Adidas Freak Gloves Nike Vapor Jet 6 gloves Adidas Updated Adizero Cleats Updated Adidas Freak Cleats Adidas Nasty Cleats NFL authentic equipment doesn’t stop with just players. EA are also adding a few new pieces of coach gear from the official providers of NFL on-field gear — Nike and New Era — to ensure they are reflecting the latest styles to be used this upcoming season: Updated Nike Coach Polo Updated Nike Coach Sweatshirt Improved Nike Coach Hoodie Updated Nike Coach Hot Jacket Adjusted Home/Away New Era Hat for all 32 teams Updated Coach Visors for all 32 teams Madden NFL 22 launches worldwide on August 20, 2021. Please stay tuned here for more equipment updates coming for the Madden NFL 22 season! In addition, you can buy madden nfl 22 coins here. Not only cheap but 100% safe. With these coins, you will get more fun!
  3. Madden 22 will be released on August 20, 2021. But everyone will want to know who joins the "99 Club" and what this year's rookie class will be rated at. So in this article, we predicted the five rookies who have the top Madden 22 rating. Trevor Lawrence, QB, Jacksonville Jaguars You would expect the #1 pick in the draft to always own the best rating among rookies, but that is not always the case. Quinnen Williams was drafted third overall and had the best rating with an 80. Trevor Lawrence is being talked about as one of the best college prospects to ever be drafted. As one of the most NFL-ready players, his rating should be the best among this year's rookies. Last year's top pick was Joe Burrow with a 76 rating, best among the rookies. Lawrence is a better prospect than Burrow and his Madden 22 rating of 81 is rightfully earned. Kyle Pitts, TE, Atlanta Falcons Kyle Pitts may be the best receiver from this draft class after being drafted #4 overall, but could a TE have the best rating? The last TE drafted within the Top 6 in the Madden era was Vernon Davis in 2006 and his rating was 86. Don't expect to see Kyle Pitts' Madden 22 rating being higher than Lawrence's. However, Pitts still deserves a high rating and should tie Lawrence with a Madden 22 rating of 81. He's the best receiver in the draft class and could be in the "99 Club" future. Penei Sewell, OL, Detroit Lions Penei Sewell was drafted at #7 by the Detroit Lions and may have gotten the best non-skilled player in the draft. Andrew Thomas from the Giants had the best rookie rating out of the offensive linemen at 71. Sewell is far superior to Thomas, who was claimed to have been drafted too soon. Outside of C Frank Ragnow, Penei Swell would have the best Detroit OL rating with a Madden 22 rating of 81. Ja'Marr Chase, WR, Cincinnati Bengals Ja'Marr Chase was a favorite target for Joe Burrows back at LSU and that was part of the reason the Bengals drafted him. Chase was the first WR taken in the draft. Burrows and Chase should rekindle their connection in the NFL and become one of the more successful duos in the league. Chase's Madden 22 rating should be around a 79. If any other team took him, the rating would fall to around 77 or 78. Zach Wilson, QB, New York Jets Zach Wilson was drafted second overall and blew away every scout that watched him. His Madden 22 rating would be in the top 3 among rookies, but he hasn't had many games as a starter. Still, the Jets saw enough in him to draft him at #2 and be their immediate starter. His Madden 22 rating won't be terrible, though, and should warrant a 78. These players are the cream of the crop and which rookie are you most excited to use in Madden 22? let us know. Also, if you want to check out more guides, be sure to click here. The most important is you can buy cheap madden 22 coins over here. Simultaneously 100% safe. With these coins, you will have a better experience and fun in Madden 22.
  4. The latest Madden 21 Ultimate Legends Group features several Hall of Fame players ready to boost MUT rosters. Leading the way is a man who holds quite a few records in NFL history, wide receiver Randy Moss. In addition, there’s a limited card that features a four-time All-Pro and Super Bowl champion. He gets a freshly upgraded card for the Madden 21 Ultimate Legends. The deep threat receiver is a 99 overall and has 99s for Deep Route Runs, Spectacular Catch, and Jumping. Add in a 98 Speed, 98 Catching, and 96 Catch in Traffic and Moss is ready to catch those bombs down the field. The two-time NFL interceptions leader, NFL DPOY, and Hall of Famer Charles Woodson is also part of the latest group. The cornerback is a Man to Man archetype and features Woodson pictured with the Raiders. Key attributes for Woodson include 98 Man Coverage, 97 Speed, 97 Play Recognition, and 97 Agility, with 95 Zone Coverage. Last but not least is a limited-availability card for packs. It’s none other than Vince Wilfork, a longtime member of the New England Patriots, and has two Super Bowl rings to show for it. The five-time Pro Bowler is since retired from the league after finishing out his career in Houston. His new MUT card brings 99 Tackling, 99 Block Shedding, 99 Strength, 98 Play Recognition, and 92 Power Moves with a Run Stopper archetype. There are a few ways for those looking to get the new Moss, Woodson, or Wilfork cards. Right now, Wilfork is available in packs for a limited time. He’s also available on the Auction House for bids or Buys Now action. Moss and Woodson are available through packs, the Auction House, or building exchange sets. Their sets require four of their 89 OVR cards, four of their 93 OVR cards, and one of their 97 OVR cards to complete. Also, new content comes into the game. Madden 21 Ultimate Legends Group 14 has several new missions or challenges available. There’s one for Moss and one for Wilfork in which gamers must using their MUT squad to defeat the Legend’s teams. By defeating the Vikings, gamers can earn Moss’s Power Up card and Madden Coins. By defeating the Raiders, gamers get Woodson’s Power Up and Coins. There’s also the Ultimate Legends Showdown Challenge. In this one, gamers have to defeat the Ultimate Legends squad to earn a special Ultimate Legends Token. Collecting 15 of these tokens is key towards earning a free Career Edition Ultimate Legends card down the road. For more information about the latest game updates, visit our Madden page.