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  1. So I almost finished the game for the 5th or 6th time (just started Assault on Dragon's Keep again) with a Mechromancer and I was kind of curious what some of the folks here thought of the DLC packs that had been released for it. I'm sure there was a discussion about this somewhere when they were new, but I'm curious about it from a more nostalgic POV now that it's kind of old. What did you think then and what do you think now? This is my experience based on playing the Handsome Collection PS4 version (Also, if you play through these first two after beating the BL2 story you end up feeling a bit over powered even with the enemies leveled to you and some of the loot just feels worthless. This time around I played it as soon as I picked up the forth weapon deck (Bright Lights, Flying City, about level 17) and it felt a little more challenging with only mid-level weapons.) Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty - I LOVE pirates, always have. When I first got the chance to play this DLC I was very excited and had a good time. But on subsequent playthroughs...well, it's just kind of "OK". Captain Scarlett was a great protagonist and I hope they bring her back, but overall the only thing that I really like about the whole thing now is the treasure room at the end (and being able to loot it twice via quest). The storyline is fun, being a treasure hunt, but kind of lacks the really memorable jokes or banter that makes the main BL2 story so much fun. Then it was on to https://100001.onl/ https://1921681254.mx/... Mister Torgue's Campaign of Carnage - Ok, this one I LOVE. The pure testosterone and epic levels of "Rated M for Manly" just make this DLC a lot of fun to play...even if the loot payoff is rather lackluster compared to the pirate treasure (but I think they patched it, I got some decent loot this time around). Mister Torgue and Tiny Tina are two of my favorite characters in the series and having them both here just makes me smile . "Real badasses eat chocolate chip cookies! I'm gonna get that tattooed on my back in Old English Font." Admittedly some of the challenges are very annoying for a solo playthough (Beat The Clock and I Thought You'd Be Bigger anyone?) Still, very positive feelings toward this DLC. After I beat those two I was already level 30 and just breezed through the rest of the normal BL2 story and the Holiday DLCs (don't think I'll mentions those. They're fun, but ultimately just mini raid bosses with average to good loot.) Once Jack was dead it was on to... Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt - This...has so much wasted potential. The setting of a mad scientist in a 1920s -30s era adventure film was exciting...and then they just kind of didn't do anything with it. Most of the quests are a bore (I Like My Monsters Rare, anyone?); the tribal enemies are way overpowered (unless you're already overpowered, eat Unkempt Harold you fricken witch doctors!); the fan boat is a sucky vehicle (I find shock cannon worked the best); and the levels, though very pretty when you look at them, are a pain to get around most of the time. It is mercifully short, but the loot room leaves some things to be desired (for one there is no possible way you can cart all the stuff away and have to pick and choose your haul). And last that leaves...
  2. I would love to connect to the team speak and play with the community but I keep getting a connection failed message, and game tracker says the servers dead so I'm wondering if there's a voice server still available for the AJSA on team speak or if its on different platform. If it is could some one please leave the platform and ip for voice server. https://snaptube.cam/
  3. Recently I've had this recurring bug when I start up Coh2 on Windows 10 where the game starts but doesn't fill the screen up so to speak. I can hear the bootup sounds of Coh2 and the distinctive "sega" in the background but all I can visually see is a black screen that keeps alt tabbing itself in and out of the screen. About half the time I can manually alt tab back in to the main menu the bottom https://showbox.tools/ portion of the menu is cut off. It seems almost as if Coh2 is trying to launch in a different resolution almost and can't conform to my own screen resolution (1600x900) and keeps trying to by itself. Compatability settings does nothing in steam as running any of them causes a crash upon startup.
  4. There isn't any meaning. Life is just life. Everyone lives it differently. Life is about experiencing, learning, trying things but it doesn't mean it's the intent or goal of life. It just is and you make it what you want. And if you want it or needs it to be about being the best person possible or as a test to go to heaven..good on you sure why not. But I don't think it's an universal truth https://speedtest.vet/. I'm an agnostic so I'm unreligious but not opposed to the idea of a God. The thing is I just don't focus on that. It's something that's uncertain and I think it's fine for it to be that way. The same goes for life. Life's an uncertain thing but it's fine. Everything is kinda uncertain. It's just a different outlook all together rather than different priorities. At least for me. I can't speak for everyone but I'm pretty sure most unreligious people would agree with that.
  5. Its my tradition to mod my controllers, now before you get offended I don't do turbos. I just move the button position around so there on the bottom. Its more comfortable and I dont have to take my fingers off the analog sticks. Disclaimer out of the way I have an electrical engineering question. this time i would like to do something diffrent. I would like to add different color leds to, just above the original buttons so when i push the 'x' button a blue led would light up. the problem is the led will draw power and I think the button might not activate. On a forum they said that the pcb supplies 3.3v the leds will top out around there. Ill have to look for the amperage or use a tester. I think the leds should be fine but if anyone here has training can confirm this for me id appreciate it. As for the switches i might do regular colored button switches or cherry mx browns (keyboard switches) ok so i think i am going to use cherry mx switches and i'm going to just light the switch with a cycling RGB led. the switch will operate at 3.3v. I think ill have my custom xbox controller done before the end of the month it should look pretty cool.
  6. It appears that this will be the last of the Kelvinverse films. What are your thoughts on the movie? For me personally, I love love loved Star Trek '09, I was quiet disappointed with Into Darkness, and for Beyond... I remember struggling to stay awake. However, I know a lot of you Trekkies out there are quiet fond of Beyond, even going so far as to say it's the best Kelvinverse movie! Now, I've only watched Beyond once, so perhaps I should try giving it another shot. But anyway! For those of you who love Beyond, can you explain why? And Beyond haters, you can have your say too! Let's talk Beyond..
  7. Planet Coaster is a theme park management game created by the minds of Frontier, creators of Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 and the Thrillville series. It would have been the first theme park management game to come out in almost a decade, but Atari pushed up the release of RCT World (Don't buy it, it's ass.) to the day before Planet Coaster's release. tl;dr if you liked Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 or 3, buy this game immediately. As stated before, Planet Coaster is a game where you can build and manage your own theme park by placing rides and scenery and hiring employees to maintain the park. When you first open the game you are asked to create an avatar and place it on a globe, marking where your HQ is. On this globe you can see the avatars of your Steam friends as well as several prominent content creators from the community. Clicking on an avatar brings up a showcase of the player's Steam Workshop uploads. Selecting to create a new park will bring up a menu allowing you to choose your game mode; Career, Sandbox and Challenge. Career and Challenge mode gives you a partly pre-built park and https://trackeasy.fun/usps/ https://showbox.tools/ asks you to complete objectives, while Sandbox gives you a completely blank map where you can build everything with unlimited funding. Sandbox also lets you pick from one of 5 settings which determine what the area around your park looks like. Planet Coaster features a freeform building mode. You can place a piece of a building anywhere on the map to create a grid. Objects can be rotated and moved to create as much detail as you can imagine. Sometimes items can even be used for purposes which they weren't originally intended, or sunk into the ground. Rides can be used as the base of a building. Roller coasters also use a freeform building style, letting you build custom drops, inversions and banked curves of any size. Everything can be made as simple or complex as you want. Another major feature is the guest and employee AI. Everybody has a unique "brain" which helps them make decisions as individuals or groups, unlike previous games where guests would wander aimlessly until they decided to do something. Guests have their own preferences for ride intensities and favorite attractions, as well as a budget. Managing guest happiness and excitement is key to keeping them in your park and spending money. Linked here is a video by Silvarret, a well known creator, where he creates a wooden roller coaster and terraforms the landscape around it.
  8. I have an windows 10 asus gaming laptop with amd a10,10 compute cores,4cpu+6gpu,radeon grahpics, and quadcore x4. Ill try to test my settings. I stream via OBS studio since its less demanding than classic,I stream console games and have activate twitch alerts,overlays,cam and elgato hd as sources but when i try to stream via obs immediately a few seconds or minutes later i get an error msg on the bottom of obs saying" #BEBEBE https://speedtest.vet/ https://vidmate.bid/ encoding overloaded, consider turning down video settings or use a faster encoding preset.Cause when this happens my video is not "in sync with the games audio and on twitch the stream stutters/ moves in slow motion while you hear the game audio do that as well. Output settings. 1. Output mode: simpel. 2.Bitrate for video: 2500. 3. bitrate for audio: 160. 4. the box to activate advanced encoder settings is filled in 5. encoder pre-setting(higher=less CPU) is at: VERY FAST. 6. settings for custom encoder is empty. 7.Recording quality: same as stream. 8.recording format: mp4(used to be at flv). Video settings: Base(canvas) resolution: 1920x1080. Output(scaled)resolution: 1280x720. downscalefilter:bitcubic(sharpened scaling,16 samples).Ordinary framerate values: 30 Any step by step how to fix this?
  9. Hello there everyone, Long time fan, figured now was as good of a time as any to join the rest of the angry army officially #CCCCCC https://trackeasy.fun/usps/ https://showbox.tools/ . Active PC gamer, currently focused on World of Warships, a little bit of division on the side with friends, have been dipping my toes into FPS's again, but not gunna lie, pretty terrible at them xD. Mainly a World of Warships spammer atm, if anyone who has not given world of warships a shot and is interested, everyone is more than welcome to send me a message in game if your looking to learn, or if your already a dedicated player looking for a division mate, dont hesitate to send a message. Hope to see yall around! thanks for having me
  10. NOTICE: Ok, so this is the final "what is your favorite (insert franchise)" post I'll make, so just a warning. So to end the trilogy, Which started with Grand theft auto and fallout as the franchises I picked for the post theme, I'll talk about what is your favorite Assassin's creed game? Ok? Good https://speedtest.vet/ https://vidmate.bid/. so we all know assassin's creed. It's one of Ubisoft's best selling franchise and one of the best franchise in gaming right now. But there is many games in the franchise. I ask, one more time, what is your favorite game in this franchise. Leave your opinion down below.