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  1. I know that Ganon would win. It's just a pet peeve of mine when people don't try to think about both sides and just brush off who they think wont win as weak and sponge like. Ganon is stronger than Bowser, but Bowser is far tougher than him. He's fallen into lava, been electrocuted, frozen and broken apart, and fallen from great heights and survived. He has lost so many times in so many ways but still been able to come back time and time again. Consecutively, Bowser has been able to fight on after about 63 losses over his carrier. Ganon has spent most of his carrer trying to take over 1 kingdom, that of Hyrule. And only when he finally did in Twilight Princess, did he think about taking over the world. Bowser actually went into space and conquered other galaxies. Bowser, as shown in many other games, is extremely athletic and is a very adept fighter. Him being beaten by Mario and Peach is no laughing matter...... well, except for being beaten by Peach. Mario is a very strong fighter for being able to beat Bowser. Yes, Ganon would probably beat Bowser. I just don't like it when people underestimate whoever their not rooting for. Maybe its just this way I was brought up. I'm sorry for snapping like this. And to answer your question, yes. When I first posted this, I didn't know that much about Ganon. Though shortly after I posted this, I search up more information about him. I searched both of them and still don't know who would definitively win.
  2. Let's not forget the things that Bowser has going for him. Bowser is technically a king. He has a kingdom, and army, subjects, and even heirs to his thrown. Ganon has always been a dark lord and never (I think) an Evil King. Granted, Bowsers minions are not the brightest nor is he the smartest himself. He however is very powerful. As far as his powers go they are nothing to sneeze at. He can breath fire (though its most powerful in short bursts sense it dwindles over time), has super human strength, (assuming that he is a superior version of a Koopa) has an inpenetrable shell, and let us not forget that Bowser has an extremely powerful power-up; Giga Bowser. As Giga Bowser, he pretty much breaths hellfire, increases size to near monolithic proportions, and deals greater damage. Even when Ganon is in his boarish "Ork" form, is not as big or powerful as Giga Bowser. Link may be more deadly than Mario is (by the way you should not underestimate the guy who can punch giant slabs of bricks apart with his bare hands without any power-ups), but Link has often won because of being clever. Bowser is far stronger than Link, regardless of if he could outsmart him or not. Bowser could easily plow through most of Ganon's spells. Ganon, from what I've seen, is mostly powerful due to magic. He can fight with a sword, yeah. But I think that Bowser could probably fight against the sword with his claws and shell. Of course, I am just making sure facts are even between the two. Ganon is powerful. Son of a bitch, is he. But Bowser is also very powerful. Not as smart, but powerful.
  3. Insanity has often lead people to violence. But which of these combatants is the most lethal? In the battle of Jinx vs. The Joker, who do you think would win? List who you think would win and why below.
  4. When two of video games most infamous antagonists collide, who will be left standing? Ganondorf vs. Bowser