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Everything posted by Sergeyyy

  1. Hi all, I have my own online psychological practice platform, but I don't have the proper software for it, can you help me solve this?
  2. Where can I order such services? Or just buy some applications for that? How much might that cost? I look forward to your advice and thank you in advance.
  3. Hi, Andrew. On your own it will be very difficult to find a good offshore Docker developer, so I recommend you to pay attention to the services of YouTeam - link. They will help you find the right developer within 48 hours. I myself have used this company's services more than once and have always been very satisfied with the quality of their service. In addition, there you can see all the exact information about the hourly fee for Docker developers. I hope I was able to help you out.
  4. I'm sure you know from the title of the question what we're talking about. But I care about the quality of such software and, of course, how quickly it can bring me profit.
  5. Hi all! Guys, who has encountered the problem of not professional customer management software? How did you deal with it and where did you order normal software for your business?
  6. Hi all! Guys, who has encountered the problem of not professional customer management software? How did you deal with it and where did you order normal software for your business?
  7. Przyjaciele, witaj. Naprawdę muszę nauczyć się wszystkich podstaw oprogramowania, a jeszcze lepiej zostać dobrym specjalistą w tej dziedzinie, ale niestety nie wiem, gdzie się tego nauczę… Może możesz mi powiedzieć?
  8. I think that all successful people at least a little bit, but understand corporate finance, but I think that you can learn it only when you get the necessary experience in this business. I think the best way for you to learn this is to take a course from ELVTR - https://elvtr.com/course/corporate-finance . They have the best instructors who can give you all their experience, skills, and knowledge. I myself took these courses and was very satisfied with my choice. I think that you, too, need to take these courses. So be sure to pay attention to ELVTR.
  9. Try to find a new vpn, I'm sure there will be some that will work properly. I can recommend you to look for a new VPN here-https://en.vpnwelt.com/. There are a lot of cool services out there and you can find the one that works best for you. There's information there to help you get it working properly. I really like that you can find the most suitable options for you very quickly. I hope I was able to help you.
  10. What criteria do you use when choosing a VPN service? I searched a little bit on the Internet, but judging by the reviews they are not exactly of high quality. Maybe you can tell me something?
  11. game development

    Andrew, I can recommend you an excellent course that I myself took to improve my skills in game development. Personally, I chose the ELVTR platform for training, and specifically these courses- https://elvtr.com/course/game-production . I really liked the approach of each of the teachers, in the shortest possible time they were able to convey to us the very important nuances of this area with concrete examples from personal experience. The price for these courses is quite adequate. But the most important thing is that after taking these courses you will be able to be one of the best in this area and work for the best companies and firms in game development. Pay attention to the ELVTR training platform, I am sure that it will be perfect for you.
  12. Very cool, thanks for your advice.
  13. Very cool, thanks for your advice.
  14. I'm confused by the prices, too.
  15. Very cool, thanks for your advice.
  16. Indeed, writing an essay nowadays is not so easy without such instruction
  17. This is a very popular technology, many people will be very interested in it
  18. is that a normal price?
  19. Can I order from a shipping company to another country?
  20. But is there a fee?