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  1. "That's what I read to my children!"
  2. WE HAVE A WINNER! Congratulations to the British Columbia Huffington Post! You are the first to scapegoat violent games and movies for the stabbing of 20 people in a completely non-related incident! You have won: (Also, who the hell moved this thread to forum games?)
  3. I truly don't understand how you're not excited for this. Even if it's not your thing, why are you calling it boring before it even comes out? I think that open world games are one of the best things to happen to the gaming industry. You get to explore a virtual world on your own, and take part in it! Or dismantle it piece by piece if you're playing Red Faction: Guerrilla. I have wet dreams about Watch_Dogs, and I would do anything to have it be all that it's striving for. (Even helping it with it's arthritis)
  4. \ I feel like I recognize that character, but I can't place him. *edit* OHH, WAIT! That's G'Kar from Babylon 5! Awesome!
  5. I halfway agree with BlondishMist748 in that Joe should spend more time in the forums, but that isn't my main criticism of the army itself. My main criticism is that the army is kind of militant and downright unfriendly sometimes. Unfortionantly, I have much bigger things to worry about at the moment rather than let it bug me too much.
  6. The Pennsylvania school stabbing is a tragedy - and I am willing to bet somebody will once again pin it on games. If that isn't so-called "proof", then I don't know what is. My money is on Fox
  7. Thank you so much for your advice guys, it's a big help!
  8. Unfortionantly, 300
  9. Razer screencast mabye?
  10. I want to put this GTX 660 into my PC for better visual quality and the ability to stream to a Nvidia shield. I am trying to figure out if my current PC can handle it, and if so, is it possible to have both cards run at the same time? My computer is an Acer Predator G3 AG3-605-UR24 My current card is a GT640 4GB I'm not looking for anybody to magically solve everything for me, but if anybody can point me in the right direction, that would be great.
  11. I stopped the moment I saw a teenage boy in short shorts.